PREMIERE: Stu Larsen’s ‘Chicago Song’ Is An Earnest Love Song For A Guitar

Queensland muso Stu Larsen has spent much of the past three years travelling. He’s played sold out shows in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, so it makes sense that the first song from his forthcoming second studio album Resolute is a traveller’s song about finding love on the road.

Chicago Song isn’t your typical love song though. While the song alludes to an international romance, it’s actually a dedication to a 1973 Martin D-35 guitar that he bought in Chicago.

“She was beautiful,” Larsen says about the guitar.

“While touring with Nashville’s Adam Burrows, we spent anentire afternoon checking out guitars at Chicago Music Exchange. I started to write the song in the store before I bought the guitar!”

Calling himself a “traveling nomad”, Chicago Song is a vivid depiction of life on the road and also finding companionship in the strangest of places. It’s just one example of Larsen’s honest songwriting which perfectly captures his feelings at a time and a place.

Larsen’s entire second album was formulated on the road. He recorded voice memos on his phone, went through those rough drafts and then finally recorded them. He finished up demos at Passenger’s studio in Brighton with producer and songwriter Luke Thompson.

The pair planned to finish the record in Australia but while in Indonesia, Larsen’s appendix burst. Thompson was left to begin the process and Larsen joined two weeks later after an operation.

Resolute will be out on 21st July.

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