PREMIERE: Sydney’s CREO Bring Indie Rock Jam ‘Plasticine Mezzanine’ To Life In New DIY Video

Sydney indie rock sons CREO have brought a new visual dimension to their brooding indie-rock anthem ‘Plasticine Mezzanine’.

Premiering via Music Feeds below, the official music video for the single was 100% DIY, shot by the band themselves in lead singer Jorjee Haman’s house.

“We set up a red light against a white wall to create the lighting effect,” he explains. “Then shot the clip multiple times at different angles to be able to overlay the footage on top of each other, thus creating the multi layered visual.”

The stark, minimalist visuals allow the power of tune itself to shine through.

“The song is about the battles we’ve had with sociopathic characters whilst venturing through this musical journey,” Jorjee continues.

“The cuts to buck fighting/clashing antlers was symbolic of that, and the multi layered visuals was symbolic of the malleable approach to relationships you have to have when dealing with the vast array of people you meet in this industry.”

The song has been sliced off CREO’s critically-frothed new EP In The Red, and you can peep the freshly minted music video below.

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