Originally from the Gold Coast, Rapids have made Sydney their second home. The band is a new incarnation of Ballet Imperial, the name change occurring because of a change in line-up.

“With that change, inevitably, came a change in our music. I think Rapids are a bit dirtier, a bit grittier, but with the same importance placed on melody. I think we’ve grown up musically from Ballet Imperial to Rapids.”

Admittedly I’ve only heard the one song on Myspace, but that sounds about as dirty and gritty as a newly washed satin sheet to me. The plaintive vocals are set to whimsical melodies that grate on the nerves like custard being rubbed against a fur coat – not at all. This is soft stuff but it obviously isn’t trying to be hard. It’s nice, like ice cream.

“I feel we still have the soul of Ballet Imperial in Rapids. The need for some sense of a pop sensibility still exists. However, Rapids are more experimental. We have more time to play and more of a need to explore. We also have a wider range of influences these days.”

Though many musicians in Sydney decry the lack of appropriate venues, perhaps they should appreciate what there is here, rather than complaining about what isn’t. For instance, Afghanistan has a very poor local music scene and so, it seems, does the Gold Coast.

“There is no music scene on the Gold Coast. I feel as though there are a heap of bands on the Gold Coast, but nowhere to play. They exist only in garages. We have loved the music scene in Sydney. So far, it has been relatively easy to lock down a decent gig. People here seem to want to help. Brisbane is a totally untapped territory for us. To my understanding, it is a thriving scene. Sydney, in our eyes, goes off. I have seen some of the best bands in this country play in Sydney for $12.50 or less. On the Gold Coast, you are hard pushed to get a reply email from the two venues that put bands on.”

Two venues? Even Kabul has Sheik Al-Muzwari’s Sharia Shazam Palace where you can regularly see the Three Abduls perform their own special versions of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits. “Gold Coast is fucked as I have before stated. “

“We are recording our debut EP in October. Until then, we will continue recording demos in preparation. We are focussing on our live show for the next couple of months. And writing. That’s it.”

“We love cuddles and kisses, but we are not that kind of band. We do live together though.” Oh right, I forgot that I was lying there. Thanks.

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