Real Estate – Golden Plains & Sunny Days

They might get glossy reviews from critics, but sometimes that’s not enough for all the boys from Real Estate to make a trip overseas.

Sitting at home in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York with a drink in hand, singer and guitarist Martin Courtney said that only the “core section” of the band will be making their way to Australia for their impending tour next month.

“We haven’t got our keyboarder with us because the plane tickets are way too expensive,” he said.

“So we could only bring the core important parts of the band – not that he’s not important, but he just couldn’t afford to come.”

“Instead, we’re just gonna have two guitars and do a really straightforward, rock n’ roll dance show.”

Real Estate’s tour includes a spot at the sold-out Golden Plains Festival over the Labour Day long weekend in Victoria, and sideshows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Courtney said he’s especially looking forward to coming down under as he’s never been to our shores before.

“Our other guitar player Matt (Mondanile) was in another band and toured with it to Australia very randomly,” he said.

“So right when we started Real Estate it’s always been on the radar as something we wanted to do and an achievable goal… and it’s been something we’ve been looking forward to for a while.”

The band’s set will be filled with old favourites and plenty of material from their new album Days, which has been described by some reviewers as a sunny-sounding record.

However, Courtney believes the album sounds more like something that would soundtrack autumn (‘Fall’ if we’re talking in North American seasonal terms).

“We didn’t really set out to make an album dreamy or summer-like – people said that about our last record,” he said.

“If anything, I’d say it’s less summer-y and more fall-like lyrically. But that’s for people to interpret themselves.”

“The fact the people are liking it has definitely opened up some doors for us though…and we play almost every song from the new record live.”

Real Estate play at the sold-out Golden Plains Festival and do their own headline shows in Sydney on March 9, Melbourne on March 12 and Brisbane on March 13.  For all the details click here.

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