Reckless Vagina – Headlong and Headstrong

One of Sydney’s newest bands to emerge from the murky depths of the city’s creative subconscious, Reckless Vagina have sent the buzz mill flying in their short tenure playing around Sydney, currently getting ready to play their first ever headline show at GoodGod tomorrow the 1st of April. Their oddball pop, rife with synth horns and apocalyptic Mogwai-esque guitars, goes against what most bands in Sydney are doing these days, and they have a certain no bullshit presence on stage that sets the apart from your garden variety local guitar band.

With their shows sometimes including extended effect riddled guitar interpretations of Advance Australia Fair, or on the spot lyrical inclusions of audience members, they are a band well beyond their years in terms of performance, reflecting the fact that most of the members have been playing in bands for years. Their headline show tomorrow night sees the band supported by the likes of local legends The Holy Soul, as well as Stranger v Stranger, Donny Benet and Dora Maar, a very impressive supporting line-up considering the band’s short life-span, and a line-up that promises to deliver a fucking amazing show.

We caught up with frontman Daniel Corboy for an interview ahead of the show.

Music Feeds: So in my opinion it’s really bad form for a journalist to ask questions about a band’s name, but in this case I can’t really resist, can you tell me how you came up with it?

Daniel Corboy: I feel a bit naked, here alone, in the convenience store without the band. But it was our parents who passed us the name.

MF: Your music, it’s very hard to describe, wanna have a go so I don’t sound like a fuckwit?

DC: You’re not a fuckwit Mikey, don’t talk like that. It’s Pop.

MF: Let’s talk about the personalities in the band, because there is quite a mixture of men at play there, how does the dynamic work in terms of songwriting?

DC: I’d really love to do an acrostic poem of each member of the band, so I will.










R.Rahul Dravid




N.Norse God





Y.Yacht Rock


E.e-pro by Beck

N.Norse God


MF: Tell me about Frank? I heard he spent a few years living out with Aboriginals or something?

DC: I think they came to live with him.

MF: You’ve only been together now for about 9 months, and I’ve heard a few people say that they think you haven’t earned the right to headline with such a strong supporting line-up, how would you respond to that?

DC: Max was the only person to say that, so that’s okay. It will be a fun night for all, times shouldn’t matter.

MF: Speaking of the line-up The Holy Soul are supporting you, what’s that feel like considering their place in the music community?

DC: I think Trent just walked past the convenience store, I’ll go thank him.

MF: Tell me about how you guys approach performance? You always seem to be having a lot of fun up there while still taking it very seriously.

DC: Sorry Mikey, but there has been a big car crash outside the store. Trent wasn’t harmed. The police are asking the victim to be quiet because he is definitely over acting what happened. But our performances have been based on how many free drink tickets Gerber gives us.

MF: I heard that you’re working on some new recordings at the moment, can you tell us about that?

DC: A few old classics. Just as I wrote that the victim, clearly angry and homosexual, bought some Stuyvesant classics. I just bought some of them too.

MF: I also heard you’ve started playing the bazouki?

DC: It’s in the blood

MF: What should we be looking out for from the land of the Reckless Vaginas?

DC: The best shows in town. Swag

Reckless Vagina play at GoodGod tomorrow Friday the 1st of April with The Holy Soul, Stranger v Stranger, Donny Benet and Dora Maar. Doors at 8pm, bands at 8:30pm.

Click here to visit the Facebook event.

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