Redeeming Features: Column #1

Redeeming Features began life as a band some 6 years ago & developed into the company it is today through a passion for original music & dedication to supporting grass roots music & the talented artists creating it. We started with a singer/songwriter some 5 years ago, which took off. The many artists who performed on those nights became the pool of artists we began working with. Since then RFE has grown considerably to what is now an indie label with digital distribution happening for 4 acts & a film & audio studio set up. We offer live audio & video recording & we can facilitate the sale of your songs through iTunes. Our website is & our My Space sites are linked from there.

RFE Records & Distribution is a digital distribution label connected to The Local Scene. This is a unique opportunity for local artists to have their music available online for download at standard prices. The difference with this system is that people have 2 options to download the track. They can choose to download & pay for it with their credit card or they can download it for free by watching a 30 second video ad. The great thing is that the ad pays for the download & the artist still gets the standard payment for the track. This is an innovative new concept & is taking off overseas as well as in Australia.

RFE Bookings look after the band bookings at the Cat & Fiddle Hotel with live music on 4 nights & Sunday afternoon. A wide variety of genres are catered for with acts ranging from solo acoustic through to full bands. Genres not played at the Cat are Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Screamo or related genres.

With a unique system to be paid, bands have the potential to earn good money for their efforts.

My two cents worth.

I believe you should never give your music away for free. Too many bands/acts do free gigs in the hope that it will bring more people out. This may work sometimes but all it really does is devalue your music & do the music industry as a whole a disservice. It gives the general public a mindset that local music isn’t worth paying for. We all know that’s not true at all.

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