So Party, You’ll Die: Disco Club

Dance music is more often than not left in the domain of the DJ. When the term is thrown about names like The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Armin Van Buren all jump to mind, images of them manning the decks behind impressive light shows while thousands upon thousands of loved up punters dance their asses off while pulling the sort of faces that only climax can rival in hilarity. Disco Club, a partnership between video artist Joel Burrows and Whipped Cream Chargers and Warhorse guitarist Louis Roach, are an exception.

Making use of instruments such as drum machines, synths, and whatever the hell a chaos pad is, they deliver twisted dance numbers that fall somewhere between Screamadelica era Primal Scream and Justice, their lives shows featuring kaleidoscopic visuals that are likely to send those of your who are sensitive to lights and strobes into mild epileptic fits. But hey, at least you won’t look as silly as the munters gurning in the front row.

With the duo set to play at Melt bar as part of the massive Go Here Go There event this Friday Dec 3rd, presented by Mum in partnership with Chocolate Jesus Industries, we caught up with local sex symbol and Joey Lawrence lookalike Joel ‘Big Dog’ Burrows to get the skinny on what’s happening in his neck of the woods.

Oh yeah and here’s a little live video they put together for us in their living room.

Music Feeds: So Disco Club, tell us about the sound, folk is it?

Joel Burrows: It’s funny you mention that, someone rocked up to my house the other day with a djembe drum. I was staring at it with my mouth hanging open…. this asshole isn’t here for a conversation they are going to make me listen to that thing forever.

Sounds like a cross between Nick Drake, Scott Walker and John Wayne Gacy splitting a bag of pingers. (As a good journalist its your job to put Nick Drake and Scott Walker in those massive bold letters to impress the fuck out of people.)

MF: You guys are big fans of your analogue gear what’s the set-up at the moment?

JB: Nothing completely analogue yet! Just tubes rigged into drum machines and a plethora of pedals. Everything is sequenced together as hardware, we got absolutely blazed and ordered a rack mount vocoder (robot voice thing). I am currently literally waiting by the door for the postman.

MF: You have live visuals at your shows which you do yourselves, do you have anything special planed for the gig on Friday, I remember seeing some police beating someone up in some of your visuals as well as some porn if I’m not mistaken, anything new?

JB: No live projections for the upcoming gig itself, however we will be handing out a DVD mix of one of our new tracks. Resembles what could only be described as a polar bear having an epileptic fit then kaleidoscopically multiplying…. as they do. Oh! Also strobe lights there will be strobes we have started collecting weird ones.

MF: You work with those Chocolate Jesus cats don’t you, how’s that going? How come you’re not playing on their stage at the show? Bad blood? Sexual tension?

JB: I’m just not a fan of chocolate or Jesus. I have been to the mid-west before though those guys would clean up fat Christians everywhere.

MF: I’ve heard that you like to get your shirt off will that be happening this time round?

JB: If someone finally starts tipping me!

MF: The question on a lot of people’s lips is how Louis gets into the clubs to play the shows still being 16 and all? Fake ID or cheeky wristies for the bouncers?

JB: As far as I know Lewie gives wristies to the bouncers after he gets in. I keep buying gloves but he won’t wear them…. don’t know where those filthy bouncers have been.

MF: The library?

JB: Bahhahaha the library no no no they all play Sudoku together at their regular Human Rights Campaign meeting.

MF: You guys have been working on some remixes and new material haven’t you, what’s taking so fucking long? Can you tell us about it?

JB: We have heaps of shit backed up we are currently hitting the studio every week to lay it all down, should be coming soon stay posted.

MF: Other than Go Here Go There are there any other gigs coming up in the next week or so we should look out for?

JB: Yep Chocolate Jesus Kwanzaa Party 22nd December Oxford Arts. It’ll be so party you’ll die.

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