Songs That Hit The Pretty Littles Right in the Feels

Beloved native indie rockers The Pretty Littles have just let loose their third album Soft Rock For The Anxious.

Despite their overt larrikinism, effortless charm and infuriating levels of cheeky goodness, the band have unveiled a thoughtful piece of work with their new release. Don’t let their slacker vibe fool you – The Pretty Littles are talking about some very real things here.

So in tandem with the release of ‘Soft Rock For The Anxious’, the band have put together for us a playlist of songs that hit them direct in the feels.

Bad//Dreems – Too Old

The first two Bad//Dreems songs nailed me. Chills and Too Old. In fact that whole first EP was pretty heavy. Even the surface happy ones like Caroline and Hoping For have a real darkness. I keep going back to Too Old though. The line where old mate Ben sings “I’m too old for someone like you, too old for someone like you, too old for anything new.” You’re right there with them for the whole song. It’s such a heartbreaker.”Yeah I know when something’s wrong with you” is such a beautiful and simple refrain. Paints the perfect little picture.

The Vasco Era – They’ve Already Won

It’s not a huge secret that I adore this band. They’re the only reason that I’m in a band. I have had some heavy moments to this song. I got to sing it with my mate Jo Slyme on a recent tour and it was the best. The first album was real brutal and heavy and this album is really tender and sad. “Our land is burning too.” Phwoar.

Camp Cope – Done

Right down to its title, this song rules. This whole EP could be one song and not in a bad way. They just carry a really consistent energy all the way through. I don’t know if it’s the right picture, and it really doesn’t matter, but I see this whole thing.

Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

I don’t know who wrote this song. I’m guessing it wasn’t Natalie – but this song is perfection for me. That bit where she says she is ‘shamed’ kills me – coz you would think it would be ‘ashamed’ I suppose. But someone shamed her. Fuckin’ devastating. Don’t watch the live version of her doing it at the ARIAs though.

ABBA – Knowing me, Knowing You

ABBA rock. Undeniable. Every song. That’s nothing new though – but this song gets me every time. The whispered backups and that guitar line are huge. Just wraps a breakup in such a tasty little package – break ups don’t even sound that bad when you’re listening to ABBA. Fist in the air, tears streaming.

My Friends – Neighborhood Youth

This song is a hot mess of wanting and not having and being disenchanted and dissatisfied. . Acting like you don’t give a shit when you really do. Everyone does at least a bit, I reckon. I love it when the music really follows the words – like onomatopoeia. The musical aspect of this song could only have lyrics like this. Drums are massive. Also that ‘ahhhh oooooooo’ bit at the end is SO sick.

Ships Piano – I’m Not Angry

I love this band. I love Seb as a songwriter and a frontman. I think songs stick with you sometimes, and it’s hard to find the exact reason. It might be a nice melody or the words or whatever. This one always stay with me and I think there’s a big mystery. Like who is this person that Ships are singing about? It’s really brutal but then its also got this hurt and understanding.

Lost Sounds – I Get Nervous

“Those they things they put inside me, you know they make me nervous”. This song is brrrrrruuuutttaaaaal.

The Drones – Locust

I don’t even really know how what to say about this song. Some kinda post war epic. It’s cool seeing how they make it work live though.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Anxiety

This a real feel good number. Real uplifter. Nothing like being able to yell about the bad times.

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