Go Speed Dating With Australia’s Newest Indie Rock Event, FKA Festival

We’re fortunate enough to be pretty spoilt for choice in the music festival department here in Australia, but with so many incredible events on the calendar to flirt with, how do you know which one might actually yield a meaningful connection?

Well, in lieu of some kind of eHarmony-style music festival app, we’ve decided to resurrect the lost art of speed dating to test our compatibility with some of the country’s most exciting new festivals.

Yes, back before Tinder made us all lazy douchebags, speed dating was a fun, fast-paced and relatively pain-free way for consenting adults to get to know each other in a chill IRL setting, and gauge whether there was any chemistry before committing to the pressure of a fully-fledged hookup.

…It was also great at weeding out the duds straight up.

Our lucky contestant today is FKA Festival, Australia’s fresh-faced indie rock rager (presented by Music Feeds), which is set to make its debut at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley on Saturday, 13th October with sets from indie heroes The Jungle GiantsLuca BrasiKingswood, Tired Lion, Ali Barter,  The Belligerents and more.

But if that’s not enough to set your heart aflutter and your loins aflame, then join us as we put FKA Fest in the hot seat to see whether it ticks all of our, er, boxes, before we commit to going all the way.

Music Feeds: Hey cutie. FKA Festival hey? That’s an interesting name! Where does that come from?

FKA: Hey there yourself  Well, I’m not just a catchy name! I wanted to eliminate the idea that the Hunter Valley is only for wine connoisseurs and share with everyone the addition of not only craft breweries and distilleries but also fresh Australian music.

MF: Can you please describe yourself in 25 words or less?

FKA: An all-Australian alt-rock festival, bringing a new sound and music culture to the rolling hills and lush vines of the Hunter Valley!

MF: What star sign are you? (Just so I know how compatible we are)

FKA: In true Libra style, I am a bundle of energy and romantic to the core. Although I like to live up in the clouds, I am a very good listener and love to be a trendsetter.

MF: So you’re originally from the Hunter Valley? What do you love most about growing up in that area?

FKA: With only a vast green valley in sight, I am very grateful to have grown up with nature at my front door and a kangaroo out the back! With a strong sense of community and inspiration around every corner, you would never be bored.

MF: Do you think I’d have to move there to enjoy your company? Or do you think we could make a long distance relationship work? (ie. how easy would it be for me to come visit you?)

FKA: My birthday month (October) is usually quite busy, but that is when I want to see you the most! But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see you all year round, there is always something to do here in the Hunter, from wine tours, cheese and chocolate tasting, hot air ballooning and of course a good ol’ music festival like me!

MF: How would you sum up your taste in music? Who are some of your favourite artists?

FKA: I like to listen to a broad range of music, but I’m not into Mum and Dad’s jazz! I love The Jungle Giants and the sounds of local artists such as Vacations and Trophy Eyes.

MF: What are some of your favourite hobbies?

FKA: I love listening to music and having a boogie, and don’t mind a wine tour with my mates! I enjoy the occasional trip into Newy but secretly prefer the view of the vines.

MF: Say we agree to a proper date. How would you show us a good time?

FKA: A couple of tinnies of FKA Mango Sour, good music, good vibes, a couple of thousand people around… what more could you want?

MF: What’s your favourite movie?

FKA: The 1997 classic, The Castle. It was also the year the Newcastle Knights won the 1997 premiership!

MF: Boxers or briefs?

FKA: Boxers. Just like my laid back lifestyle, I like to be free.

MF: What’s your stance on PDAs?

FKA: “Wrap it before you attack it” … but seriously none of that in the vines thanks.

MF: What’s your best chat-up line?

FKA: Me: Sorry, but you owe me a drink.

Them: Why?

Me: Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.

MF: I think we’re in love!

Enjoy your first date with FKA Festival TOMORROW, Saturday 13th October in the Hunter Valley. Catch the full lineup and all the ticketing details, below.

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FKA Festival 2018 Lineup

Ali Barter

The Belligerents

The Jungle Giants


Luca Brasi

Maddy Jane

Tired Lion

Trophy Eyes

British India

Good Lekker

Grace Turner


Good Thanks


FKA Festival 2018

Tickets on sale now

Saturday, 13th October

Hope Estate, 2213 Broke Road, Pokolbin NSW

Tickets: Moshtix

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