Sydney Producer CLYPSO On Supporting PNAU, Staying Healthy & Performing In A Sauna

Shimmering troptronica artist CLYPSO has been on the scene for a couple of years now. However, if you blinked there’s every chance you missed the ascension of the young artist at the hands of her brand new material.

The enigmatic producer is the latest act to perform as part of Swedish cider giant Rekorderlig’s weekly Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds series, taking to a steam room to perform her jungle-infused track ‘YOLO’.

Already this year, CLYPSO has dropped two other hot tracks — ‘Pop Roll Flow’ and ‘Middle Ground’ — both indicative of an artist with a clear vision. With a successful BIGSOUND showcase under her belt and a run of other glowing accolades from the recent months, Music Feeds caught up with CLYPSO to find out how she’s acclimatised to it all — read the full interview below.

CLYPSO follows in the footsteps of fellow Sydney shooting stars B Wise and Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, who have already brought the heat for Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds.

Stay tuned for even more Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds sessions guerrilla gigs, to come in the next few weeks.

Music Feeds: You recently supported PNAU, you’re showcase was the toast of BIGSOUND and now your summer is filled with festival slots, you’re moment is totally happening! How does it feel to be you right now?

Clypso: The PNAU tour was a big highlight for me and I still can’t believe they chose me to support them. They were an inspiration to watch and learn from. It feels good to have the milestones, but I usually try to concentrate on the next task or usually multiple tasks at hand, and not get too ahead of myself.

MF: With so many distractions in the world today, how do you centre yourself to remain focused and creative?

C: When you see how much is out there, that’s a reminder that you gotta focus on your art and make what you enjoy. If not, it’s easy to get carried away with things. I try to take short one-two day breaks and go up the coast.

MF: What’s your go-to leisure activity when you’re taking a break from performing?

C: [Laughs] Are dumplings a go-to leisure activity? I find it hard catching up with my mates and family when things get crazy, so when I do have down time just hanging out or catching up for dumplings and drinks is great.

MF: It’s tough to stay healthy on the road and in the studio. What are some of your health hacks to avoid getting run down?

C: That’s still something I’m trying to handle. It’s so hard to get a routine with late nights and partying! I drink a lot of warm water, walk and cycle everywhere I can.

MF: In recent years, previous markers for success such as charts and sales have lost their importance. As an artist, what do you look to as a gauge of success for your work?

C: If I feel like the next thing I’m doing is a step up creatively, in my opinion then it’s a good marker of success for me.

MF: You performed your single ‘YOLO’ inside a sauna, I imagine the acoustics were great! Would you do it again?

C: I think I scored a really spacious sauna, so I was lucky. I’ll try something at least once.

MF: On that note, other than a sauna, where would be your ideal place to perform?

C: Maybe on a little party boat.

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