That’s Beef: 11 Of The Lamest Feuds In Music

In what we, for all intents and purposes, will refer to as “the real world,” disputes and arguments start for all manner of reasons. Some are silly, trivial, and quickly resolved, while others are deep-rooted, mean-spirited, and can quickly turn into a longstanding rivalry or animosity between parties.

In the music world, things are similar, in that disputes occur for a myriad of reasons, but they’re different in that sometimes those reasons are just bat-shit insane and really begin to stretch the realms of common sense. And there’s also the fact that both parties have the ear of the public.

With many presently ensconced in the feud between Montreal art rockers Arcade Fire and electronic producer and fellow Canadian Deadmau5 over what one of them said on stage one time, Music Feeds has gathered 11 beefs that fall into that petty, childish, and lame category.

Gallery: The 11 Lamest Feuds In Music

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