The Best Places To Crash This Festival Season: An In-Depth Analysis

It’s getting to that time of year again, you know what I’m talking about. Festival Season. There are a lot of awesome events kicking around the country at this time of year and you probably aren’t living at ground central for them – not everyone has Packer-level cash to buy real estate where the action is at. And that’s fine. We’re a generation of wanderers and vagabonds. We follow the fun, we go where it goes and we don’t let names on maps define our good times.

Well that being the case then you’re going to want to hang your hat somewhere, if you catch my drift. You’ll need a base camp as you climb to the summit of Mount Kickass over the festive season, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. You need somewhere nice to stay is what I’m saying.

And when it comes to cushy digs at the right price over the season, there’s really only one answer: Youth hostels.


You heard me. Think about it.

‘Tis the season. We’ve established that. Being the season you’re going to want to squeeze every penny for the more important things in life – presents for the ones you love, socks for the ones you don’t, beers for any and all occasions. All discretionary monies want to be diverted to your good times slush fund. But how are you going to save at this time of year?


Hotel? Get outta here Jeff Bezos. Hotels have a calendar and they know it’s a seller’s market. Hotels are going to harness a sleigh to you financially at this time of year.

Air BnB?

Same deal. At this time of year everyone is getting into the game, trying to find their slice of that zero-sum festive cash grab. Every Tom, Dick and Aunt Edna is opening up their spare room for some extra dough on the side. Christmas time can be stressful enough, you don’t want to multiply that by taking the risk of walking into a Stephen King novel.


I laugh at you. Camping is only ever suggested by people who have never camped before. There’s a reason mother nature gave us the brains and opposable thumbs needed to build housing, that’s because she wanted to get us the hell out of nature. No amenities, no plumbing, no hope. If you want to lose a friendship with someone then spend a night with them in a tent. That’s why it’s called “intense”. (Note: may not actually be why.)

Plus, this is Australia. There’s bugs. Oh how there’s bugs. You know that statistic about a person consuming an average of seven spiders in their sleep? Well most people don’t consume any at all, it’s all averaged out by the people brave enough to go camping in Australia.


The only person that wins in this situation is a chiropractor.

So where does that leave you? Youth hostels baby. And YHA Australia have over 70 to choose from.

Here’s why YHA Australia will be your port in the storm:

1. Location, location, location

First up YHA’s aren’t in the middle of nowhere. Unless that’s your bag – there’s plenty of options if you want to get away from it all. But if you want to party down in the big city and avoid that commute, there are Youth Hostels aplenty in all the places where the action is at. City? Check. Beach? Check. No matter where you want to party, you are guaranteed to have a YHA within stumbling distance.

2. Options galore

Second, you’ve got options. It’s not all open rooms filled with bunks like Charles Dickens meets Eli Roth. If you want a space to yourself, room for your romantic interest of a cushy little pad for a few mates having the time of your life, they got you fam. And YHA have some pretty lush private rooms that give hotels a run for their money.

3. Hanging out with other legends

Third, the people. Sure the festive season is all about family, but let’s face it – just how much time do you really want to be spending with your family? Lunch is great – good food, a few drinks, catching up with the relos and all. But get a few hours, and a few more drinks, into it and suddenly your uncle is talking about how Trump has a few good ideas and suddenly you’re looking for the eject button. If only there were somewhere you could stay where you could hang out and chill with some like minded people. People you can have a pleasant chat to, watch some Netflix with, play a couple of board games that aren’t Monopoly…if only such a place existed…(I’m talking about YHA’s here guys.)

4. Savings!

Finally, the money. Hostels are the best affordable option at this time of year. These aren’t hotel chains with loose-unit heiresses looking to protect their fortune, they’re in the business of keeping it real. Of providing a place for people to crash and not gouge them for the human condition. So you’ve got more in your sky-rocket for the fun things in life. Plus YHA is a not for profit which means any profit goes straight back to making their hostels even better than they already are.

And let’s face it, more money at this time of year is the best possible thing you can have. Because you need to spend it all on the things you enjoy in the time we have left before Krampus begins his rampage. It’s only 26 more sleeps people! Hug your loved ones! Call your parents! Finish your novels! Krampus is coming!

To check out all of the A+ options for youth hostels to crash at this festival season, head on over to www.yha.com.au

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