The Color Morale Talk Boys Of Summer Tour 2014

The Color Morale are fast establishing a reputation for serving up the sweetest post hardcore in Illinois and the band are heading to Australia for the first time ever in 2014, joining Blessthefall and Like Moths To Flames for the Boys Of Summer tour.

Guitarist Aaron Saunders dropped us a line to talk about the band’s killer 2013, how their latest album Know Hope exceeded all expectations, and what the future holds for the outfit.

Music Feeds: This has been a massive year for The Color Morale, seeing the release of your most successful album to date, Know Hope. What’s been your highlight of 2013?

Aaron Saunders: 2013 in general has been extremely positive for us as a band. The response to the new material and the personal connections our fans have made to the lyrics and music has been exponentially better than we could’ve ever hoped for. If I had to pick one specific highlight though I’d have to say doing Warped Tour UK and Warped Tour Europe and seeing how people on the other side of the world have connected with our band.

MF: And how have your fans responded to your new material live?

AS: The response to the new material has been better than any of us could have hoped for really. Every night we get to hear our songs sang back to us while we play which is an extremely powerful and humbling experience. The new record has been so well received that the majority of our live set has become songs off of Know Hope.

MF: Have you got a favourite track from the new record?

AS: I really like our record in its entirety and the diversity between the songs but if I had to pick a personal favourite it would have to be Saviorself. I wrote that song musically long before I was in The Color Morale so it was nice to be able to share it with the world. Garret’s lyrical content in that song is extremely honest and real and I really enjoy what he brought to the table on this track.

MF: You wrote 22 tracks for Know Hope, 12 of which made it on to the album. Any chance of the remaining material seeing a release at some point?

AS: We are currently reworking some of the tracks that didn’t make it on to Know Hope so there is a good chance that these tracks will end up on future releases.

MF: You’ve had a lot of line-up changes in the past few years. How much involvement does former lead guitarist Ramon Mendoza have these days?

AS: Ramon is pretty busy between working and his wife and child however we do still keep in regular contact with Ramon and continue to send demo tracks and bounce ideas off of each other.

MF: You’ll be heading to Australia very soon for the Boys Of Summer tour. Have you been to Australia before?

Unfortunately none of us have ever been although we have always wanted to. We are all extremely to bring our music to another country and share what this band is about with new fans!

MF: And what can Aussie fans expect from the tour?

AS: We do our best to convey the ideas and emotions in our live show so they can expect a very raw, real and energetic show. We also spend a good amount of time at our merch table talking and establishing personal connections with our fans so that’s another thing they could expect.

MF: The Boys Of Summer line-up is amazing, as always – have you played with Blessthefall and Like Moths To Flames before? Would you say you’re fans?

AS: We have played with and enjoy the music of both bands. Both are a great group of musicians as well as great people and we are extremely excited to be touring with them again in a country that is new to us.

MF: What’s next for The Color Morale? Is there new material in the works?

We have some more international touring in Europe coming up with our friends in We Came As Romans and Chunk! No Captain Chunk! for the Rocksound tour in late February, early March. We are also working on writing new material as well as reworking unused tracks written for Know Hope!

Watch: The Color Morale – Learned Behavior

Boys Of Summer 2014


Like Moths To Flames

The Color Morale

+ more to be announced

Tix: via OzTix

Wednesday, 8th January

The Rev, Brisbane – (18+)

With support: Never Lose Sight

Thursday, 9th January

Eagleby South School Hall, Brisbane (AA)

With support: Hand Of The Architect

Friday, 10th Feb

The Cambridge, Newcastle (Lic/AA) – New Venue

With support: Rivalries

Saturday, 11th January

The Bald Face Stag, Sydney 18+ – New Venue

With support: Sienna Skies

Sunday, 12th January

The Bald Face Stag, Sydney – (AA) – New Venue

With support: Caulfield

Tuesday, 14th January

The Basement, Canberra – (18+)

With support: …is dead

Wednesday, 15th January

Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne – (AA)

With support: Glorified & Storm The Sky

Thursday, 16th January

The Corner Hotel Melbourne – (18+)

With support: Trainwreck

Friday, 17th January

Fowlers, Adelaide – (Lic/AA)

With support: Emecia

Saturday, 18th January*

Amplifier, Perth – (18+)

With support: In League

Sunday, 19th January*

YMCA HQ, Perth – (AA)

With support: Afraid Of Heights

*The Color Moral not appearing

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