The Demon Parade – Melodic, hypnotic and psychotic

The Demon Parade are riding the wave of psychedelic rock that has recaptured Sydney’s underground soul. With their debut EP available, the band are cruising up and down the east coast showcasing their sound. Michael from the band took a moment to answer some questions about The Demon Parade.

MF: What’s new in The Demon Parade camp?

M: We put out our debut EP in July and have been gigging up and down the East Coast every weekend over the last couple of months. We’ve also just had our music video made, which you can check out on the web.

MF: Tell us a bit about the new EP God Said It’s Legal?

M: We made it ourselves in my studio. We tracked it live in a big room then added layer after layer of guitars, drones and harmonies. It’s a good combination of what we do live and what we’re capable of producing in the studio.

MF: How do you describe The Demon Parade’s sound to the guy at the bar?

M: Melodic, hypnotic and psychotic.

MF: There’s been a big resurgence of psychedelic rock sounds and bands; why do think audiences are attracted to this genre?

M: I think it’s been building more and more the last couple of years. Genres seem to go in and out of fashion, but it also helps with some of the internationals passing through Australia on a regular basis.

MF: There have been a lot of comparisons made between yourselves and bands like The Music and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; how do you find those sorts of comparisons?

M: That’s great. They are great bands. We don’t really sound like either, but we’ll take it.

MF: You’re currently in the middle of a national tour; how has it been so far?

M: It’s great. It’s our first tour around Australia playing our own shows, so it’s good to finally get to some places we haven’t been to yet. It’s also our first tour with our newest member, Jordan (vocals/guitars) who has certainly livened up the energy of our band.

MF: You’re about to hit Sydney for a couple of shows; why should Music Feeds’ readers come and check you out?

M: Because we play music that should be played louder than what your stereo can go.

MF: What is the first song you would put on a mix tape?

M: Tin Soldier by the Small Faces.

The Demon Parade Play Mum @ World Bar Friday 17th

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