The Falls Music & Arts Festival Rainbow…

All the colours of the rainbow will be evident through the arts programming at The Falls Music & Arts Festival for 2008, which this year has trebled, including;

The return of the whimsical escapades of The Falls Arts Village; Arts Camp, which is being hosted on the festival grounds in December; the new arrival of the Arts Centres throughout the campgrounds; The Falls Festival Award art installation from The Melbourne Fringe Festival; and for the first time ever, the streets of Rio have transported themselves to the fields of the festival for The Falls Fiesta!

Returning to both Marion Bay and Lorne in ’08, comes the wild and whacky delivery from The Falls Arts Village; a beautiful and beguiling festival within a festival that begins at sunrise with Yoga sessions and a cup of chai, and re-opens its wonderland doors each afternoon and in the wee hours of the morning. The Village crafts a patchwork of wonders throughout the festival with the likes of; Samba classes, comedy, burlesque, drumming & circus workshops, puppetry, skits & shows, dancing & creative visionaries. With a glorious posse of talented ladies and gents from both near and far to add even more flavour to the already overflowing serving of tasty entertainment, it’s set to be an indulgent treat! See below for the full list of Village artists, & the website for more info.

The Falls Arts Camp is running from Dec 17 to Dec 21, on the festival sites in Lorne and Marion Bay. This unique experience is offered to 15 people of the artistically inclined. It’s an opportunity that will find artists camping on the magnificent festival site with a load of creative materials and four professional artists who will steer the ship. The Arts Camp week will be structured so artists ably gain experience and contribute their existing skill set; designing, building and installing works of art that will decorate the site for the festival, and be utilised for Fiesta. Arts Camp in Vic is fully booked; there are still limited places available for Tas. For further info see the Arts tab in the entertainment section of the website, or apply via

In an ongoing effort to continually support the arts outside the festival environs, The Falls also sponsored a prize at The Melbourne Fringe Festival in September this year. The Falls Festival Award was presented to a visual arts piece that displayed an outstanding aesthetic vision, with the visually striking winning work to be displayed at The Falls in Lorne. The winner for this was Brydie Dyson, who designed the set for the production Darlington Garage. Brydie’s installation, ‘The Sphere Project’ will be mounted and displayed for the duration of the festival in the Big Top in Lorne.

The Falls Fiesta is an effervescent arts extravaganza on the 31st in both states that will entail a colourful explosion of dancing, sumptuous costumes and a huge glorious parade, with 2008’s theme being “We Go to Rio”. Designed to bring everyone together and put their best Samba foot forward! Patrons will get kitted-out in fabulous costumes at their nearest Arts Centre in the campgrounds, or in The Village, and will join the conga line of fun of The Fiesta! Areeba!

The Falls Arts Village features…

In Marion Bay: The Caravan of Love, Zoetrope, Bogan Bingo, Sister O, Impro Vice, The List Operators, Circus Horrificus, Stan Stowards, Lazlo Stiegenburger, Bring on The Ha Ha, The Diamonds of Burlesque, Steve Irwin vs The Stingray, Marion Baywatch, and the musical delights of Groove Ganesh, DJ Rime, Chicada, Chris Burrows and the Orchestra of death, Tiako Drummers, Brian Ritchie, Luke Legs, Adam Cousens, The Embers, Enola Fall, Johnnie and the Johnnie Johnnie’s and Cary Lewincamp, plus films and workshops.

And in Lorne: Hysterical Trousers, The Caravan of Dooom, Brown Council, Mysonic Temple, The Biscuit Readings, Pol The Painter, Post, Ruby Rubberlegs, Danillo, The Suitcase Royale, Feetbus, and featuring the musical styling’s of The Brolga Boy’s, Transylvanian Gypsy Kings, Hoodoo Mayhem Brass Band, The Kurts, Laura Jean and The Eden Land Band, TinPan Orange, The Junes, Ouaga, The Barons of Tang, Flap!, Kat Frankie, Skipping Girl Vinegar and Vardos, plus films and workshops.

For further details on the above and the swag-full of arts at the festival, go to

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