Top 10 Soundwave 2012 Acts We’re Looking Forward To

With Soundwave 2012 less than a week away now, in anticipation of this most brutal festival we here at Music Feeds are counting down the top ten artists we’re looking forward to seeing at the Sydney leg over the weekend. We’ve spent many hours deliberating over this, and in an effort to be democratic have considered all bands from a number of different situations and locations, and under various different types of intoxication. Hours of blood, sweat and non-homoerotic shirtless wrestling have gone into writing this list, and here, in all its turbulent glory and munificence, it is.

#10 Limp Bizkit

Who can pass over a nu metal act who covered George Michael? I mean that takes balls doesn’t. It’d be like seeing Parkway Drive cover Kylie Minouge… actually that’s a really good idea, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ hardcore version anyone?

#9 Meshuggah

Easily one of the most technically impressive bands of all time, Meshuggah are the kind of band that like to play in different time signatures… at the same time! What kind of band is that you ask? A Scandinavian band obviously. If you catch them be sure to watch drummer Tomas Haake playing with his feet and hands in different timing, it’s kinda stupidly awesome, just like this video they made while on tour.

#8 Lamb Of God

With Pantera no more, there are few places one can go for some good old metal, or at least what those of us who grew up in the 90s consider to be good old metal, and Lamb Of God is one of them. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes the band so enjoyable as it’s not really any one factor, but rather that they just don’t do anything wrong, and everything right, they do really well. Add to this the fact that they were banned from playing venues when they started out playing under the name Burn The Priest because people thought they were unholy, and you’ve got a match made in metal heaven.

#7 Steel Panther

In a recent interview with us here at Music Feeds Steel Panther‘s lead guitarist Satchel made a few outrageous claims including that at their first gig a woman got on stage and fucked him while he was playing not to mention the claim that to hit some of the higher notes on their latest album, lead singer Michael Starr had a prostitute fist him.

#6 Slipknot

Do you remember seeing Slipknot for the first time? I barely do. When I try and remember it, all that I see is a wall of sweaty flesh, dreads and crap tattoos crashing into my goofy smiling face and how fucking tired I was after it all. How tired and awesome I felt that is. Oh yeah and this, I’ll never forget this. Tommy Lee eat your heart out.

The insanity begins round 1 min…


#5 Dillinger Escape Plan

Now the last time I saw these guys, all the members bar the drummer ended up stage diving at one point or another, more than once from the top of the P.A. and the singer ended up throwing a road case into the crowd that knocked the guy in front of me out who me and some others had to drag to the back of the mosh. So what I’m saying is, they’re fucking amazing live. But then again you’d expect no less of a band who’ve attracted the attention of the likes of Mike Patton and Trent Reznor. Must see.

#4 Marilyn Manson

I don’t think I ever would’ve gotten laid in high school without Marilyn Manson. I rarely did anyway. But thank god for Manson and his ability to pull crazy leather bound goth chicks out of the woodwork of the suburbs. I was toying with putting the video for his cover of Tainted Love here, but I figured that might give you guys too much of a mental picture in regards to the previous statement. You’re welcome.


#3 Mastodon

Mastodon look like they should all be dragging women over the side of their long boats somewhere on the northern coast of Europe rather than playing festivals all over the world and I seriously think if you gave any of them an axe you might have to watch out for that kind of behaviour. Besides how you pass over a band who’ve collaborated with Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

#2 Machine Head

Rob Flynn is a fucking sick cunt. Few people working in the music industry have had to work as hard as he has to get where he is, and even fewer appreciate it or have the humility to do things like make a group of music students’ day by visiting them in class, or the respect to defend and pay tribute to a comrade with as much respect, conviction and dignity as he does here below.

… and the winner is…

#1 System Of A Down

I mean, need I say any more? What a fucking band. These guys are the band who made me like metal for the first time, way back when I was an angst-ridden and forearm-muscled teenager. This band make me so nostalgic that when I heard they were re-forming I booty-called my old high-school girl to see if I could hate fuck her while listening to all of self-titled… she wasn’t into it.

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