VICES’ Tips For Staying Vegan On The Road

Sydney melodic hardcore quintet Vices will this week uncork their third album, titled Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible, as a hat tip of sorts to their socially conscious ethos.

You see, Vices have always maintained an ethical dimension to their musical undertakings, keeping the message of resistance to injustice and a commitment to sustainability at the forefront of their agenda.

They’ve continued to uphold this commitment as they traversed the globe, touring through Europe, the US, Japan and New Zealand. As anyone who’s travelled can attest, it’s no easy feat to stick to firmly held environmental ethics while on he road, so to help, Vices frontman John McAleer has offered up his top tips for staying vegan on tour.

Hello there. It is me, John, your friendly neighbourhood vegan. Here are my five tips for keeping it together for the animals and the planet when you’re on the road….

Stock up

Treat grocery stores like you’re in an episode of The Walking Dead, and you never know when your gonna see fruits and vegetables again. Stock up. I’ve always got my personal bag, clothes and laptop etc. and then I’ve got a grocery bag or box. And at the very bare minimum, if you dig down to the bottom of my bag you’re gonna find at least a tin of baked beans or a cliff bar for when shit gets real.

grocery store

Learn to cook

Things are way better now than they were a decade ago for those of us her who abstain from the flesh but old habits die hard I guess. You can always catch me whipping up a burrito in the back of the van or rolling up some sushi at the merch table. I’ve even cooked a stir fry on the camp stove in the back of the van on the freeway a few times.

swedish chef

Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy

You can eat your daily calories from wholegrains, fruits and vegetables like Mother Nature intended, or you can be a douchebag and eat pringles and hard candy all day and then complain that “veganism didn’t work me waaah waah waah, I just felt weak and tired and waaaah”. Well, no wonder dummy you eat like my three year old would if I let her do the groceries! Put your adult pants on and get some nutrients on your plate.


Make sure you’re eating enough

If you’re new to the vegetable game count your calories for a week. I hear this all the time when people say they fell off the veggie bus. I say, “well what did you eat?” And they’ll be all like “well I had some carrots and hummus and then I looked at a lettuce leaf and dripped some filtered water on my skin…”. Then I add up how many calories they were eating and compare it to requirements for your average adult man or lady and watch the light bulb turn on.


Don’t be a preachy so and so

I know they are contributing the slaughter of 70 billion animals per year. I know animal agriculture is responsible for the largest assault on our ecosystem. I know they spend hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars a year on their dogs whilst eating pigs with a side of chicken menstruation every Sunday morning. I KNOW! But, you gotta listen to uncle Johnny boy here for a minute. It’s not the most vegan saying but “you catch more flies with honey…” Do flies even like honey? Is that weird eating your cousin’s secretions? Surely flies and bees are related? I wonder if they even like each other or if bees think they are all superior because they keep the earth thriving and flies eat shit all day. Anyway, back to my point.

No one wants to have anyone’s opinion jammed into their personal space bubble. But between you and me, I’ve had some stellar conversations at 1 o’clock in the morning outside a venue when the only thing open is a 7-11 and you open up your grocery bag, fire up the camp stove and start slinging tacos for the crew and they wanna know how you get your bean mix so damn delicious. Nek minute you hear those magical words “I could go vegan if I could eat like this every day!” Voila. You’re in like Flynn…

think about it

‘Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible’ is out this Friday, March 17th. Pre-order here.

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