We Got Children Collide To Interview Each Other & Here’s What Happened

Sometimes here at Music Feeds, we just can’t interview every artist we’d like to. So on this occasion, out of equal parts necessity and curiosity, we enlisted them to do our job for us.

This week, Children Collide will release their long-awaited fourth studio album, titled Time Itself. Recorded in New York City, the album promises to be “a complex and provocative rock record” and follows the twice ARIA-nominated band’s third studio album Monument, released in 2012.

The album features lead single ‘Aurora’, plus tracks ‘Funeral For A Ghost’, ‘Trampoline’, and ‘Uh Oh’. Renowned for their epic and frenzied live performances, the Australian three-piece has also announced a national 13-date headline tour in November and December.

In the lead up to the record’s release and those much-anticipated tour dates (please let us have shows again), we thought we’d see what would happen if we let all the members of Children Collide interview each other.

Time Itself is available for pre-order now

Johnny: Ryan and Chelsea, what sort of stuff goes through your mind during our heavier moments on stage? Because sometimes I find myself thinking about groceries.

Chelsea: I hope Johnny doesn’t knock out my teeth with his guitar or his hair.

Ryan: I find myself looking for the next available section to draw breath and potentially perish, all the while vigilantly avoiding any molars that may bullet towards me while using my cat-like reflexes to parry any large amounts of whipping hair that may assail me.

C: If y’all could choose any place in the world to play a show right now, where would it be?

J: Taj Mahal

R: Anywhere that has both of your lovely faces, a few cold pig’s ears and some decent foldback. Either that or the Taj Mahal with slightly lesser quality foldback.

C: If you could add another member of the band and choose from any person in the world, who would they be?

J: Taj Mahal

R: Poison Ivy from the Cramps or Seana from Cable Ties so I could take 5 from the tubs and enjoy drawing regular breath for a show.

R: Of our most recent shows, what was your favourite memory on stage or other, and why was it something wonderful/incredibly cute/hilarious that I did that doesn’t involve snoring?

C: I like that when Johnny is having a rant between songs, I can look back at you in solidarity and laugh lovingly at his expense with you.

J: I liked thinking about you on your solo beach holiday after our QLD tour. I wish I could have watched from afar as you strolled the shallows, skimming stones, chatting to seagulls and pondering life.

R: What sort of stuff goes through your mind during a particularly long soundcheck of a very specific part of a drum kit? I sometimes find myself thinking about never playing drums again.

C: I wonder if they put chocolate on the rider tonight

J: The incessant diaphragm piercing whack of your snare takes me to another realm in the most magical, mystical corner of my mind’s eye where I become one with the rhythm of the universe and realise every cell in my body is aligned in perfect symbiotic unison to the divine pulse of god. Do we ever really die or are we just carried off forever into the infinite abyss as a single beat in the CRACK CRACK CRACK of a snare during soundcheck…

J: What song should we cover?

C: I’d like to cover the entire 1987 concept album Maggots: The Record by Wendy O’ Williams and Plasmatics which is regarded as the world’s first ‘Thrash Metal Opera’. It’s “set 25 years in the future, where environmental abuse and the burning of fossil fuels have created a greenhouse effect”, basically leading to the world being taken over by genetically engineered maggots. I think that would suit us.

R: Hands down, no questions asked ‘The Court Of The Crimson King’ by King Crimson. Maybe even just that one “ahhhh ah ahhh” part that everyone likes over and over a few times, then we can do something else.

Children Collide’s fourth studio album ‘Time Itself’ is out on Friday 27 August via Spinning Top Records. The band has also announced a national 13-date headline tour in November and December.

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