Wherewolves – Loving Vinyl and Velociraptor

Wherewolves have been busy recording their new album with producer Magoo (Regutator and Powderfinger) in their hometown of Brisbane. Before they head down to Sydney this weekend Bryce from the band had a quick chat with Music Feeds about some plans for the new album.

Music Feeds: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Bryce from Wherewolves: Well, we play instruments. I dunno it’s kinda rock/indie/pop/weird? It’s a question I’m not great at answering. I guess the best explanation is to just have a listen?

MF: How did you guys get the band together?

B: The band came together in the normal way I guess. It was a mixture of meeting at high school and playing together in other bands. It was just one of those things, right place right time.

MF: What were the other bands like that you guys played in?

B: The other bands we played were a bit more primitive. They were on the pop/rock side of things, but we were just kids really and the sound reflected that. As we’re older now and been in bands for a while we’ve just gone through a natural progression. With the new stuff we started to write songs with more variation, and enjoyed playing around with arrangements a bit. I think as we get older we’re more inclined to expand on songs and try weird ideas.

MF: What music has influenced you over the last few years?

B: One of the best parts about our band is that we all listen to so much different music. In the last few months I’ve been listening to The View’s new record, Foals and old favourites The Go Betweens.

MF: What was it like working with Magoo on your album? Working with Magoo was incredible. His experience and ideas made making the album so much easier and more fun. The guy just has cool ideas about sounds and knows how to inspire.

MF: Where was it recorded?

B: at Applewoods Studios about an hour out of Brisbane. Both are Magoo’s studios, but Applewoods was where we spent most of the time. It’s a beautiful old church that’s been converted into a studio in the middle of nowhere. It was amazing to record out there.

MF: Who are the best bands to check out in Brisbane right now?

B: The Peel St Band are awesome, as well as The Cairos and Velociraptor.They are all great songwriters who put on great shows. Velociraptor shows are a massive party!

MF: Where to next for Wherewolves?

B: We’re gonna release a 7″ double A side (Anxiety and Bloodlines) very soon and we’re going to tour tour tour! The album will be out sometime soon as well.

MF: Why did you decide to release on vinyl as opposed to something more typical and economical like a CD or digital release?

B: Vinyls sound better! Also we just liked the idea of having something that people can hold onto. Mp3’s and CD’s seem to have become very disposable these days. We thought if we gave people something special, they’d treat it that way. All the vinyls will be individually numbered and have some other stuff with them. They’ll also have a free download code for the songs digitally. So I guess we get the best of both worlds?

MF: Can you tell us who will be playing with on the tour?

B: We’ll be playing with a couple of friends and some locals in the cities we’re visiting. All will be announced soon.

MF: If you could share the stage with any band, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

B: I can’t speak for the other guys but I have this dream where we play with Peter Frampton and then I get to sing Baby I Love Your Way with him. It’s a pretty good dream.

Wherewolves are performing at MUM, World Bar this Friday 3rd of June.

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