Who is Jordy Lane?

Working as a solo artist for the past 5 years, Jordy Lane is an independent Sydney musician who mixes guitars and synths with electronic beats and noise. He is accompanied by Pete Avard on drums. “Playing keys and guitar backed by his own electronic accompaniments. Jordy’s songs are reminiscent of acts such as The Postal Service and Clue To Kalo, but he often seems to rest in a very natural feeling middle ground between the two – somewhat subdued, but with enough hooks to keep the songs closer to pop territory than electronica” (Music NSW)

A man of many talents and styles, Jordy’s music is paving the way for the evolution in sound that Sydney craves at the moment – “I have always been a bit Electronica pop based, where I used to be a bit more wanky and ambient. I guess it has evolved towards more pop stuff, but in the future I would like to become a bit more experimental”says Lane.

“I also do freelance sound engineering, recording other bands and producing other music. I started company called Fuzz box music, which is a moniker I go under to record other people. I just did an EP for a band called ‘Girl in the Red Light’ who are kind of a Sparkadiaish pop indi rock band. I have got a couple of projects in the works, one for a band called ‘Old Kent Road’ and one for Lyall Maloney, ‘Love and War’ which is a kind of a roots pop thing.”  http://www.myspace.com/fuzzboxmusic

His song ‘Galileo’ has recently been picked up by Triple J – with the stations Nick Findlay proclaiming “it is refreshing to see a singer/songwriter who incorporates laptops and electronics into his songs, instead of just standard guitar and vox – it’s been a pleasure to hear it on the radio.” Lyrically. Jordy had been thinking about things such as “why do we exist on this earth and whether god exists. I had done a bit of reading and talking to other people about that kind of thing and thinking about it for years and years and I felt the need to put it down in song form.” The result of which can be heard here; http://www.myspace.com/jordylanemusic

You can see Jordy Lane live @ the Annandale on the 17th of October with the Red Sun Band and Youth Group.

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