WIM – Dancing to architecture

Who wouldn’t spend a month in a bus with two beautiful women? WIM certainly don’t. With a debut single ready to be released and their first record to follow, WIM are about to join Grace Woodroofe and Emma Davis on the “An Intimate Night” tour. In between bouncing off the walls and recovering from the day before, WIM let us know a bit more about the tour and the increasing presence of hair.

MF: What’s going on in the world of WIM?

WIM: So right this very instant we’re all doing a little bit of recovery after Secret Garden Festival. Much needed and deserved sleep awaits! On a slightly greater scope, LOTS! Umm, we are about to put out our debut single, which we’re all very excited about. (We love the video that is accompanying it too)

Also, we’re about to do our maiden tour of Australia, are rearranging lives and generally treading step by step further down the long path covered in fog which is the great unknown of being a band in the big wide world naked for everyone to see. It’s exciting. It’s interesting. There’s energy bouncing off walls liable to take one’s eye out.  Also, there is an increasing presence of hair. Facial and cranial.

MF: Describe your sound to the readers?

WIM: This question is one I always struggle to answer. This is mainly because I think our sound changes from one song to the next and one mood to the next. There is an element of classic ‘songwriting’ at the core of most of it, yet who knows what tomorrow holds.

Really this is vague, sorry. A wise man once said “talking about music is like dancing to architecture”. Can we leave it there and instead ponder on the image of a person dancing to architecture?

MF: Tell us about the tour with Grace Woodroofe and Emma Davis?

WIM: Basically we’re hitting the road throughout April on this ‘An Intimate Night…’ tour. By name, it will be a night of intimate music, with us and two great female songstresses. We’re personally looking forward to the opportunity of playing, taking our message to the country and getting to check out two exciting artists along the journey. It will also be an exercise in squishing into buses and redefining personal space issues.

MF: Do you have a favourite Grace & Emma track?

WIM: As for Emma, I find it hard to go past Losing Faith, but to be honest I’m a bit of a novice fan and whilst my band mates have seen her lots before I look forward to discovering different favourites along the tour….

As for Grace, we took her single Handled Myself Wrong and recorded a tweaked WIM-version for a b-side. As a result, we got to get inside the song and reinterpret it, so I/we know every line and did our best to get inside her psyche and marry it with our own craziness. So there’s a really nice affinity with that one.

MF: What can audiences expect from these shows?

WIM: Enjoyment. And it’s possible your night could begin with a beguiling woman singing sweetly to you and end with a hairy man destroying a floor tom.

MF: What does the rest of the year hold for WIM?

WIM: Well…lots of touring…the unveiling of our first album, which we are so eager to show everyone…then some America hopping, then more shows and some time to get away and keep the creative juices flowing. I’m doing my best to look both ways before crossing the road, because it is shaping as a very nice year ahead indeed.

MF: What’s one thing about the band we do not know?

WIM: This obviously gives away the secret. I’m sure there are lots of things you don’t know…how about the fact that everyone in the band is a middle child except one of us, who is the median age of everyone in the band.

That’s a nice un-incriminating answer right there!

MF: First song you’d put onto a mix tape is…

WIM: Right now I’m going to say Prince’s Morning Papers’!

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