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If you watch music television at all, you’re probably not new to Wynter Gordon. Her song Buy My Love and its video featuring Zelda Williams, famous spawn of Mork, Mr Robbin Williams, has been slammed on a regular basis. I think I actually saw it on two channels at once. Well consider that the warning call of the coming invasion. That’s right, Wynter’s heading over for summer, set to headline Harbour Party in Sydney this New Year’s Eve. We caught up with her ahead of the show to discuss, amongst other things, her self-described Wynter takeover. Hope she’s not talking about this bloody weather.

Music Feeds: So what’s been keeping your hands out of trouble recently?

Wynter Gordon: My hands are always in trouble, but right now I’ve been back and forth between the US and the UK recording songs for the US Album. I have been doing a lot of shows, doing a lot of gigs opening for Lupe, Big Sean, Patrick Stump, really just performing a lot, a lot in New York. I’ve been kicking around with my band on the side, writing some cool music, you know, living the musicians life.

MF: That must be great for you, getting to do that after working so long as a songwriter?

WG: In my mind, I was always an entertainer. Being a songwriter was good, because it was kind of like my foot in the door and it was really good because it helped pay the bills. At the same time, I think there is more credibility in songwriting than performing other people’s songs, you know. Without even being a really huge artist, I got to experiment and find myself, I got to grow up by actually doing it away from the public eye, but on a huge level. I got to hone my skills professionally. I’m a professional (laughs).

MF: So you think then that getting to do this in the background really helped?

WG: It’s a blessing, a lot of people have to grow up in the public eye before they even know who they are themselves, before they have a vision for their music; they have to follow someone else’s vision. I got to figure out who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life while at the same time being in the music industry. I’ve got a lot of friends who are musicians and they have to work day jobs, you know. When I started, I had like two jobs and was sleeping on my friends’ couch, so I know just how hard it is. It gives you motivation and makes you not want to give up so easily. It makes you appreciate every little moment. Everything you achieve, you appreciate it a little more.

MF: That would explain why you’re so chirpy then, considering how well things seems to be going for you. I mean, I see the video for Buy My Love on TV almost daily. Hats off for the video by the way, loved the 80’s film stock.

WG: I was like obsessed with movies from the 80s, I still am; those were the best kind and people don’t make them anymore. I wanted to bring some fun and cheekiness to the video so that people wouldn’t take it too seriously. Some people were misinterpreting the song, thinking it was about being a gold digger, so I wanted it to be fun so that people wouldn’t think it’s about trying to get a million dollars from a guy and being his baby’s momma to get his money.

MF: Well what is it about then?

WG: It’s about chivalry. I feel like chivalry is dead; it’s so easy these days for women to give up everything so quickly. For a guy, obviously not all guys but a lot of guys think if one girl doesn’t give it up another will, and it’s true these days. We don’t ask enough for ourselves. I think back in the day, women had a certain level of respect for themselves and to not just give up every piece of their goods so easily. To be courted, dated, and not just diamonds, but roses, kisses, chocolate kisses, you know, just being appreciated, before you just give in. All guys do these days is poke you on Facebook, just poke you on Facebook and change their status real quick, it’s pathetic.

MF: I’ll have to try that one. Anyway, are you excited about coming to Australia?

WG: I’ve been there like four times already, but I am excited. One, because it’s summer, amen, it’s cold everywhere else in the world. Two, Australia has some cool ass vintage stores, which I’m looking to get my ass into; and you know what, I get to perform any song I like on New Year’s, so I’m happy about that. I’m going to be dropping some cool covers, doing some Glee-like mash-ups; it’s going to be great.

MF: Can you let us know what songs you’re going to be covering?

WG: I could tell you some stuff I was thinking of doing, but I haven’t really started working on anything yet. I was thinking of I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston, Holiday by Madonna and Wannabe, by Spice Girls mash-up, I think that would be so cool.

MF: Lose Spice Girls I reckon, it’s dead weight.

WG: No way, everybody loves that song.

MF: No. Having a laugh. Watch the video, Victoria Beckham doesn’t sing or dance at all, she just struts about looking like an idiot the whole time.

WG: I watched it the other day and I did notice that. I was like, Posh doesn’t sing!

MF: So tell me about the live show? How does it work? Live band? DJ?

WG: Sometimes I get to bring my band. I work with them on the side and we more kind of just do cool stuff that we like when we want to and sometimes by miracle I get to bring them out, and this is one of those times. I’m really excited; I live for the stage.

MF: So I heard you’re working on your second album?

WG: Well, you guys have the album out, you’re the only place in the world that has the Wynter Gordon album. So pretty much the album you guys have is going to be an EP or an album, but then I’m going to release another album straight after it. I don’t know how it’s going to work, but new music is coming to me all the time. All I know is that I’ve been in the studio recording and writing new music, so hopefully those new songs will land somewhere. Not even hopefully – in 2012 there will be a new album and new videos and new everything; it’s going to be the Wynter takeover, I swear.

Wynter Gordon will be headlining Harbour Party New Year’s Eve at Luna Park in Sydney. For more information or tickets visit the event’s website.

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