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Your Guide To An Ultimate RCC 2020 Weekend

Adelaide is currently in the midst of RCC 2020, one of the biggest and most boundary-pushing cultural events to hit the city. Each year, it brings a wide and awe-inspiring array of music, shows art and chow for punters to sink their eyes, ears and teeth into.

While the event has officially hit halfway, it is so expansive that the last two weeks still offer punters so much to explore. It’s hard to believe, frankly, how much you can do and see with just a few nights at RCC. To prove it, Music Feeds is giving you an idea of how just two nights at RCC can give you experiences that’ll stay with you forever.

Friday, 6th March

5pm –  Luminarium: Daedalum

Okay, so before things get too sweaty in the depths of a moshpit, it might be worth taking it easy and immersing yourself in some of the art installations. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t kick things off with a bang – head to the Barr Smith Lawns to experience the technicolour and electrifying wonder of Luminarium: Daedalum. It’s like if Willy Wonka threw up a maze and chucked it into outer space, and is perfect for your Instagram.

6:30pm – Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster

Now you’ve had your world brightened up, it’s time to get deep and dark as you witness one of the most talked-about productions worldwide of the year – Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster. Described as “thrilling theatre” with “tongue-twisting vocal gymnastics”, this sees the classic novel reimagined through a capella and beatboxing that will leave you wanting more. Think if Pitch Perfect and Step up had an edgy love child, this would be it. 

8pm – Chow down at Chow Town

No doubt all that lightwork and beatboxing has worked up an appetite, so head to the Cloisters area ‘Chow Town’ – an open-air food hall with a stacked variety of vendors. Get your burger fix with plant-based heroes Happy Burger, or your daily dose of pizza with Antica. Fuck it, you’re at RCC  – finish it off with a Portuguese Custard Tarts from Saudade, really treat thyself.

9pm – SAFIA 

At this point, SAFIA needs no introduction, with two ARIA charting albums and 8 entries across four consecutive Hottest 100 countdowns. Their unique brand of pop and dance music has bewitched audiences across the world, and now they’re bringing it to the Dusk Till Dawn stage in UTOPIA. Fitting perfectly into your evening, this is a chance to see one of Australia’s brightest.

10:30pm – FJAAK (live)

There’s nothing like a sweaty, Euro-inspired rave to end your night of ~culture~ and electronic trio FJAAK are here to give that to you, and then some. Hailing from Berlin, this trio is genre-bending and deliver completely fresh takes on techno and house – offering for a perfect sendoff of your first night at RCC.

Saturday, 7th March

5:30pm – Early dinner at Roberta’s Italian Disco Diner

Saturday is always going to be a big night, so why not feast up on carbs before tackling it head-on? At RCC, there’s no better place to do that then Roberta’s Italian Disco Diner. Back after a very successful first year at RCC 2019, Roberta’s is sure to be a highlight for you. We’re talking aperitifs with river views, traditional Italian dishes, peppered in with some disco tunes – this is the closest thing to an arched piazza party this side of Bologna. You must see it.

7pm: Passengers

Described as “dark comedy about the epic battles and alliances within the psyche and the power of the mind to protect itself from pain”, Passengers will give you one of the most thought-provoking Saturday nights you’ve ever had. Equal parts comedy and tragedy, head down to the Union Cinema for a powerful hour of theatre.

8:15pm: The Wild Side

After the rollercoaster that is  Passengers, it might be best for you to let loose a little bit – and there’s no better place to do that than at the Australian premiere of Jonny Woo’s The Wild Side. It’s a love letter to the late legend Lou Reed, and revives everything that made the glory days of the NYC underground what it was. It’s a whirlwind of cheeky cabaret and live music, with appearances from Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas to boot.

9pm: Sampa The Great

Back into UTOPIA we go… You’d be hard-pressed to find a musician that was as crucial to the contemporary Aussie hip-hop scene than Sampa The Great. She’s internationally acclaimed, consistently progressive and devoted to her exemplary lyricism and ever-changing sound. Fresh off the release of her widely acclaimed 2019 debut album The Return, this is your chance to see Sampa do what she does best before she inevitably becomes one of the hottest acts in the world.

10:30pm: SPFDJ

Strap yourself in for a DJ set like you’ve never experienced before. Taking the best parts of your night so far – the power of Passengers, the attitude of The Wild Side and the prowess of Sampa The Great – SPFDJ will give you a set that’s anarchical and heart-pounding, burning off all those carbs you induced earlier in the evening. It’s gonna be sweaty and it’s gonna be surreal, but it’s gonna be the ultimate way to cap off your RCC weekend and make sure it’s one you’re not forgetting anytime soon.

RCC continues until Sunday 15 March. Head here for more information

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