Evil Eddie

  • Evil Eddie Australian Tour Dates 2012

    Evil Eddie Australian Tour Dates 2012

    Bursting out of the studio, new album in hand, Evil Eddie is not going to let anything stop him from preaching his good times message all throughout the land. The Aussie hip hop champion has announced a massive set of tour dates, where he plans on bringing the Evil Eddie party to you. Having spent

  • Evil Eddie – Uninterrupted vision

    Evil Eddie – Uninterrupted vision

    ‘Evil’ Eddie Mark Jacobson, the creative force behind Brisbane based Butterfingers for nearly a decade, has put that project on hold to pursue his own solo career. Evil spoke to MusicFeeds about his recent hottest 100 no. 86 ‘Queensland’, Aussie accents, and mysterious new singles. Music Feeds: Wikipedia states that Butterfingers existed from 2001-2009. I

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