Star Assassin

  • Star Assassin Tour

    Star Assassin Tour

    If you’re after a little easy listening rock to whet your musical appetites, do we have a treat for you… Sounding like other alumni as Seether, Billy talent, Live, Creed, Fuel you’ll love the sounds of Melbourne rockers Star Assassins. Touring for the first part of this year the boys will hit the road with

  • Star Assassin Announce East Coast Tour Dates

    Star Assassin Announce East Coast Tour Dates

    2010 is now shaping up to be a big year for Star Assassin, with the release of their new single ‘Sickness’ to ITunes May 10th and a seven show promotional tour along the east coast of Australia, the first show of which kicks off with Thousand Needles In Red, the latest project for The Butterfly

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