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A REVIEW FROM THE STAGE!? super FLORENCE jam and more, Hermann’s Bar 25/09/08

Reading two non sequitur passages from Dracula by Bram Stoker was clearly the best way to introduce local indie band The Other and the energetic Lights Out, as far as any of us know. Little did I know, however, that the trend would return in a supercharged fashion during Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes’ set, when, after three of their most energised songs, they demanded my return to read from Aldous Huxley’s The Island while they jammed accordingly. It was cool.

But now to the question that all of you are asking yourselves: what was the audience like? Well, I’ll tell you: they were pretty good. Made up in perhaps equal quantities of people drawn by the promise of zesty rock and roll and other, related musics, and also well-wishers of the birthday girl who weren’t necessarily there for bands, they all nonetheless came together in a colourful torrent of balloon warfare – particularly during the performance of Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families, who, let me tell you, were a nightmare to fit on the stage (especially with all those whiny kids, who haven’t lived long enough to value their freedom) but an undeniable highlight. Who doesn’t love gameboys? Am I right? You better believe I am.

But what of super FLORENCE jam? Much like identical twins, you’ll often get some people in an audience doing what they do simply to contrast with the others, or so it seems – diversity via social necessity, if you like. In this case I observed the vast majority of people rocking out in their own manner, whether it be a gentle swaying, a heavily foot-oriented dance or a corporeal flailing that terrified onlookers. There were one or two people who stood impassively in front of the enormous speakers, apparently pondering the big questions while going slowly deaf. At any rate, we played our chaotic blend of progressive rock and collapsed in a fit of guitar solos, before knighting the birthday girl with a giant drumstick. You know it makes sense.

And don’t forget: you, too, can be reviewed, and perhaps find glory in these hallowed pages. Come along to the next night containing super FLORENCE jam, the Bird’s Robe Collective, or me in general (for you sexy stalkers out there), and expose yourself and your friends to scrutiny.

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