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Amon Amarth, Hi Fi Bar – 14/04/2012

The newly renovated Hi Fi Bar (formerly the Forum) at the Moore Park Entertainment Quarter is no more, after Amon Amarth laid waste to it with a glorious performance of Viking-themed thrash/death metal. Now in their 20th year, Amon Amarth are stronger than ever, although that has not transferred to bigger album sales and bigger tours – largely because they do play a more traditional brand of heavy metal, which is currently being overshadowed by hardcore and emo.

The new album Surtur Rising is a worthy follow-up to the massive monster that was Twilight Of The Thunder God, and a few choice cuts were on display tonight. The highlights were definitely the twisted berserker rage of Destroyer Of The Universe and the melodic blast of For Victory Or Death. And opening the night, Suturs opening track War Of The Gods was a declaration of intent from Amon Amarth; they were here to rock the fuck out.

As expected, the biggest crowd response and sing-along was reserved for the jaw-dropping anthem Death In Fire – but the galloping tempo of Valhall Awaits Me and Bleed For Ancient Gods had headbanging aplenty. The brutally savage Cry Of The Black Birds and The Hero was all fist-pumping and cheering. When Amon Amarth served the final body blow with an encore featuring the scorching riffage Twilight Of The Thunder God and Guardians Of Asgaard, it was truly appreciated by everyone in attendance.

Amon Amarth delivered what will prove to be one of the slickest and heaviest gigs of the year. After witnessing such an awesome display of inspiring war metal, one left the Hi Fi pumped up, ready to rape, burn and pillage – that’s not what we do these days, so maybe it’s best to do it via something appropriate like World Of Warcraft – For the Horde!


War of the Gods

Runes to My Memory

Destroyer of the Universe

Live Without Regrets

Thousand Years of Oppression

The Pursuit of Vikings

For Victory or Death

The Hero

Valhall Awaits Me

Slaves of Fear

The Fate of Norns

Bleed for Ancient Gods

Under the Northern Star

Free Will Sacrifice

Cry of the Black Birds

Death in Fire

Victorious March


Twilight of the Thunder God

Guardians of Asgaard

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