Dan Auerbach – The Basement 8th April 2009 (Cameron Tan @ Home in Bed)

There are many ways to make yourself feel like an idiot. One example, watch any Old El Paso advert and then try to figure out how a 5 year old thought of an idea that genius before you. Or, if you’re not pressed for time, buy a ticket to see Dan Auerbach at the basement, psyche yourself up, then MISS IT ALTOGETHER. To be fair however, like the time I broke my collarbone in a three-legged race, I’m not entirely to blame.

This time, instead of my father falling on me, Fasterlouder failed me. In short, deep breath…Dan Auerbach releases a new album, I figure that he’s coming to town, I google “Dan Auerbach Sydney show”, Fasterlouder looks like it has the right info, I click the link, I see the words Wednesday 8th April, I freak out, I steady myself, I click through to basement.com, I buy a ticket, then I mark the day on my diary pick out an outfit and freak out some more. Funny story, the show was actually on the 6th.

Offending Information
The Offending Information

Now, if I had paid more attention, and ya know, actually read the basement website, or that confirmation page, or the email receipt they sent me, I may have noticed the teeny tiny date discrepancy. But I was excited. I was seeing spots. And it’s not like I am the guy checking the space shuttles before launch. I’m just some dude with a jones for guitar blues who saw The Black Keys destroy The Metro years before and has been trying to get back that sound ever since. I thought I was golden.

In short, again… Wednesday the 8th comes, I check my email to find out set times, I go cross-eyed, I can’t see a thing bar the words MONDAY 6th APRIL, I freak out, I try to steady myself, I hulk smash my keyboard, I call the basement, I realise that there is nothing I or anybody else can do, then I tear up my diary burn my corduroy pants and fall down in a heap.

So that’s the rub. Me and the friend who had trusted me to book their ticket both had a great night in. And as for the icing on the cake, according to certain music review sources, the show was equal parts unmissable and astounding, and if you weren’t there, well, why the hell not. Moral of the story, although in its own right it does make for a great blues song, I went through it so you won’t have to, so please, please, just check your info. God knows it’s a simple mistake that could happen to the cleverest of individuals, perhaps even some poor genius kid in Mexico.

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