David Bazan at the Hopetoun 17th of August 2008.

Have you guys head of David Bazan? Have you guys heard of Pedro the lion??  YES! – Well, he came form a gig from Perth and there were delayed flights – you know how the Hopetoun shuts at 10:00pm on a Sunday ? Well there was all this anticipation at the Hoey last night, you know how normally everyone is chilled – well it got to the point last night where he night not be coming so everyone just started hanging out and mingling. There was a massive communal moment that happened and it brought us all together.

Everyone had been talking to everyone in this communal hang out, for the last hour or so “has he landed?” – “is he off the plane yet?”  – we were all giving each other updates.

It got past 9:00pm and we didn’t think it would happen. Then he turned up and played the most amazingly special set. Next thing it was 10:00pm and as it’s a Sunday, they are meant to shut the pub.

We shut the doors and had an impromptu lock in – he played an off the mic cover set – and it was amazingly special. He did a cover of Radiohead’s fade out. It was amazing, just amazing – just him by himself and his guitar and us. It was a historic moment.

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