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Drapht – Sydney, Metro Theatre 7/08/15

There’s something very liberating about screaming, “I am a fuck up, I am a let down” at the top of your lungs. It feels good to shake off the pressure for three minutes or so with an almost-at-capacity Metro Theatre crowd. I mean, we’ve all made mistakes, and let’s be honest, it’s Friday night – a prime time for making bad decisions. But when you’re cutting loose to the Funkoars, with a rowdy bunch of serious Aussie hip hop fans it really does feel like everything is going to be just fine.

These guys are legit. Talk about working up a crowd. Between tracks like Below Average, Hangover and spinning a little Cosby Sweater (it’s defs the right demographic for some Hilltop to go down a treat) the Funkoars make sure things are well and truly under way.

By the time Drapht comes out the t-shirts are already off and more than a few bucket hats have been discarded on the dance floor. One thing is for sure, this crowd is clearly ready to party Bali (uh, or Sydney) style.

Sing It and Sound Man set the tone for the evening. Before Dancin’ John Doe has everyone busting their best moves. There’s a whole lot of love for the new tracks off Drapht’s upcoming album 7 Mirrors. Conscious of the fact he’s dropping some very fresh tunes he admits, “I don’t need you to know the words, but I do need you to have a fucking good time! Can you do that for me Sydney?” Consider it done.

Bali Party, Where Yah From and Down prove that while the new stuff is more than welcome, the old stuff still gets the crowd going. We Won’t Listen, Drapht’s favourite song off The Life Of Riley goes off before things go retro with 1990s.

Falling gets a mash up with Flume’s Holdin On and it’s next-level. Bras are flung on stage during Jimmy Recard (standard Jimmy) followed by his swift demise with R.I.P J.R. At this point in the evening security have their work cut out for them, putting out spot fires of crowd surfers all over the place. Rapunzel restores the dance floor to some kind of vague order before the Funkoars return for an all in encore of Take The Party With Us.

As the crowd spew out onto George Street it’s clear they’ve had a bloody good time. After a substantial absence from the stage, Drapht is back, better than ever, and making one hell of a triumphant return.

Check out our interview with Drapht on the inspiration behind his upcoming album 7 Mirrors.

Listen: Drapht – Dancin’ John Doe

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