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Frenzal Rhomb + Nancy Vandal – The Metro Theatre, 23rd April 2009

What a cracking double-header! The fair dinkum Frenzal Rhomb supported by the superlative-prone Nancy Vandal! No excuses for missing this – screw any other plans, you shoulda been there! Nothing was going to stop me, even death – I rose from the dead zombie/vampire style, ate a few brains and descended onto the Metro. Ok, ok, I’m pulling your legs there – I didn’t eat any brains.

The Metro was jammed early on, with anticipation for Nancy Vandal set to extreme (well, medium-high at least). It was like they hadn’t been away at all, they sounded right bloody awesome. Fox Trotsky & friends unleashed a bunch of their punk rock classics like There’s No ‘I’ In Rock, Move Over Satan, Egg Sandwich and Bikini High Pool Party Massacre 3. The new song Quite Partial To Rock was typical Nancy Vandal – clever, funny and deeply cool. And you can’t argue with songs like Come On Honey Let’s Smash The State Tonight and the appropriate Frenzal Rhomb Were Better When Ben Was In The Band.

Frenzal Rhombs political, hilarious and bizarre punk rock songs are a goldmine of guaranteed fun. Each song tonight was fantastic, Frenzal Rhomb were superb. It was a dream setlist – there were no highlights, the whole frenzied performance was a highlight of blistering Aussie punk.

Jay Whalley (vocals, guitar) and Lindsay McDougall (axeman) put on one of the most supercharged gigs you could ask for with non-stop songs and jokes in between. With Gordy Foreman (drums) and Tom Crease (bass) also tearing shit up, we had no choice but to join the party! The phenomenal Metro crowd was nuts non-stop and the mosh covered the entire floor in an orgy of mayhem – they went off like a frog in a sock.

Frenzal Rhomb have more to say in one song like White World, the riff-tastic Genius, or the piss-funny Russell Crowe’s Band then Delta Goodrem does in an entire album. Just looks at some of the songs they played – We’re Going Out Tonight, Ship Of Beers, 60 Beautiful & Mine, Mum Changed The Locks, Genitals Are Funny, Ball Chef and super anthem Never Had So Much Fun. There were singalongs galore, especially with All Your Friends (think you’re a fuckwit), Bucket Bong and Punch In The Face.

Frenzal Rhomb are back where they belong – attacking mediocrity and ignorance, all while entertaining the masses. Now how about a new album fellas?

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