Karnivool, The Metro Theatre (Sydney) – 1st of July 2010

The third and final sell-out show in Sydney; and to top things off it was Friday and a night that may not be forgotten.

Making things happen were Sydney based Paris Gay. Known for their folk and bluesy rock, it could have been a starling alert for what was yet to be revealed under the Metro shelter, I argue no more. Something was warming up tonight.

An applause and a special greeting for MM9 (Many Machines on Nine) as the curtains un-waver the stage. Their debut album The Air Between got a good run on this bass-dropping night.

The fact that Dan Sutherland (lead vocal) and I share long-term beards, a fan I am of this four-piece act and so was the greater part of this floor. Playing songs SOSOS, A Devil Once Said and a crowd (and personal) favourite They Murder. This band can stand tall for their live performance and be sure to give drummer (Ben Ellingworth) cheers for his sweat performance. This crowd was itching for some Karn.

Early blares as curtains open one more time, but a loud awakening when the five-piece Perth act Karnivool walked on stage. A slow start, with their much slow but soft tracks. I never doubt that I was an alone fan in the crowd just waiting to hear their earlier tracks. When Themata came to my ears, it was astonishing to see punters that went back as far as when Karnivool first established. Yes, times have changed; appearances and maturity seem to be approved and so were tracks Set Fire To The Hives and All I know. The four-piece band should be proud with this sell-out show that brought a fire in us all. With a closing long distance call from Change, and at one stage this was never going to end. a pass from this reviewer and hundreds more was a definite certain.

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