Little Red at the Annandale – August 23rd 2008

Hearts were sent racing at the Annandale Hotel on Saturday August 23 as Little Red played yet another sold out show. Supported by Andy Bull and The Holidays, Little Red wooed their audience with their charming vintage suits and rock n roll romantic tunes, complimented by their hypnotic harmonies.

As they played the crowed were sent into a jumping, jiving and jitterbugging frenzy, while the bands dancing on drum sets and amps and rocking out together meant that there was never a dull moment on stage.

Swapping instruments and turns at singing lead vocals showed the musical diversity of the band members and made each song truly unique. At times the songs were fast paced and lively and the crowd were encouraged to sing along, while at other times the tracks were slow and mellow and the crowd were encouraged to slow dance together.

Although ‘Misty, I’ was clearly the favourite song of the evening, it was the energy filled finale, which saw a mini brass ensemble join the boys on stage, that stole the show.

The audience left swooning for more and as their album says, wanting to listen to Little Red.

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