Lyrics Born – The Forum, Entertainment Quarter

It’s hard to have more fun than you do at a Lyrics Born show.  This was the third time I’d seen him, and each time I think ‘last time was so incredibly awesome, I wonder if this one’s going to be as good’.  And each time I leave with no voice, completely knackered, and utterly elated.  His shows are a unique experience.

It is PARTY music.  Fuckin’ balls out, straight up, don’t-even-think-about-not-having-the-best-time-of-your-life type stuff. Anyone who’s seen him will know what I’m talking about, and anyone who hasn’t needs to at the earliest opportunity.  Seriously.

We walked in to The Forum to find Blu on stage, a promising young American MC, holding the fort and doing a reasonable job of getting everyone amped up for the night.  To be honest it was bit straight forward – plain old DJ/MC not doing anything particularly engaging.  He was a good lyricist, and the beats were fun enough, but unless LB chose him deliberately so as not to be outdone, I think he could do better.

J-Live was a lot bigger than I was expecting – the man is massive.  His lyrics are smarter than most (yes he’s actually a teacher back home), and he amazed the crowd by jumping behind the deckd and tearing it up.  Multi talented indeed – he’s also a producer and CEO of his own record company, Triple Threat Productions.

But of course nothing can compare to the Californian Master we call Lyrics Born.  His band warmed the crowd up even more, bringing him out to the thunderous roar of hungry punters.  He looked a bit like a kid – brightly coloured jacket and hat, and had about as much fun.

It was all go right from the start.  I don’t even remember the exact opening song but it was bloody awesome as was everything else.  The band was excellent, the chemistry between him and his wife was adorable (if a little cliché/played up at times), the entire experience was an exercise in fabulousness.

In fact if there was a fault, it was almost too polished.  The Lyrics Born Touring Act is a well oiled machine – they have their act almost down to a science. And having seen him a few times, I can tell you that no matter how loud crowd screams, HE WILL NEVER, EVER BE SATISFIED. Which I found a bit annoying, frankly.  I mean sure, challenge your audience to step up, but acknowledge them when they do.  And I don’t think he ever did.  He never does.  But oh well, myself and the rest of a packed Forum had a great time regardless.

Daniel Morrison.

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