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Obituary – Manning Bar, 20/11/09

Written by Shane Arnold on December 3, 2009

Here we go – yet another tour by an American metal band that’s older than a bunch of our readers. And yet it’s another band that not only still has it, but don’t appear to have ever lost it. Most impressive indeed! Obituary have been head banging since way back in 1984. That’s a pretty serious career in metal, proving that only the strong survive. And being a bunch of regular cool guys that clearly enjoy music and performing for their fans makes them even more special.

If only we could all be that cool in our 40’s – just like that uncle that everyone had growing up. You know, the laid back unmarried one that smoked and talked about listening to Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix, and most likely had heard of your favourite band. There were certainly a few uncles at the Manning Bar for Obituary, and a stack of young-uns. Obituary made some new fans after this show, their sheer loudness and aggression combined with some exceptionally slick riffs make converts easily assimilated. Resistance is futile when you’re being aurally assaulted by the twisted metal of songs like Chopped In Half.

The fist-in-your-face fury of Internal Bleeding was suitably well received. Doom-laden dirge Final Thoughts also went down a treat in the mosh, with arms and legs everywhere – mixed in with a bit of stage diving action. One sour note, they didn’t play mega-hit I Don’t Care. What the hell, you mean they really don’t care? But Obituary earned redemption when they capped off the night with Slowly We Rot from their epic first album. Top notch death metal from one of the pioneers of the genre – we can only hope Obituary make it out for another tour before they eventually decide to pack it in.

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