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RÜFÜS – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 4/05/16

There’s no denying local lads RÜFÜS have solidified their position as one of Australia’s biggest, banger-producing groups of the millennium.  These boys are championing both the local and international festival scene; climbing from strength to strength and selling out shows as fast they can sing ‘Like an Animal’.

Achieving as much artistic chemistry on stage as they do on the airwaves, their performances have been hailed as hypnotic, and are reminiscent of transient noughties house.

There was a helluva lot of love for the Sydney-based producers at last night’s Hordern Pavilion gig. Girls and guys clambered atop shoulders early in the night to get a glimpse of the casually clad trio. Vocalist Tyrone Lindgvist was channeling some serious Backstreet Boys vibes with his golden spikes protruding from backward cap and his black and white get up. Aesthetics aside though – RÜFÜS delivered the goods.

Throughout their killer 90 minute set, the crowd clung to every word and was putty in their hands. Delighting fans with favourites from their discography, the boys belted out tracks like ‘Sundream’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Dessert Night’, and ‘Say a Prayer For Me’. ‘Interbloom’, throughout its nine-minute entirety, triggered cathartic release and encouraged even more movement in the mosh.

While the stage was bare, intergalactic strobes infiltrated the sea of sweaty faces and luminous lights pulsated to the beat. Every track was equally as polished as when spun on record. And although that could be plastered as safe and predictable – it wasn’t.  Every track was equally as polished as when spun on record. And although that could be plastered as safe and predictable – it wasn’t. They triumphantly rounded out the night with an extended rendition of their bubbly dance anthem ‘Take Me’, delighting fans once last time before headin’ home.

Sure, they might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but they’ve been sippin’ from the fountain of success and they’re unequivocally nailin’ it right now. From the zealous shoey-chuggin’ millennials to the seasoned stub collectors, I guaranetee that no punter left the Hordern last night dissatisfied.

Equally invigorating and emotive, their set was a satisfying equilibrium of expectedness and elation. What differentiates RÜFÜS, is their ability to flood the audience with sheer euphoria. Singing of unrequited romanticism and vocational abandonment, each song marries simplistic lyricism with bangin’ beats.

Like Tyrone’s Keep Sydney Open tee, last night’s performance was an ode to simpler times when dance music reigned and live music ruled. A melting pot of intoxicating tropical house and euphoric electronica, their performance proved once again that despite all the bullshit, we can and forever will rock out through the lock out.

Photos by Maria Boyadgis

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