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Slum Sociable – Sydney, Goodgod Small Club 26/09/15

There’s nothing like some ’90s electro breakdance doozies to set the mood in Goodgod Small Club’s legendary Danceteria. It’s ironic though, considering this couldn’t juxtapose more from the opening sound of Melbourne duo Slum Sociable — Edward Quinn and Miller Upchurch to their mothers.

The two men and their supporting bandmates take the stage, each yielding their instruments and dressed in plain clothing that wouldn’t set them out from the crowd. The lead singer sports a generic white tee, a cap and a tambourine (more on that later). He allows for minimal introductions and then we’re greeted with a warping opening number destined to hold a place on their upcoming EP TQ.

Then, the magic hits. As the initial track slowly burns and eventually delves into the second, our main tambourine hero is showing just how well he can work those shaking plates. His body rolls, his arms flail and he drops a move which looks like a cousin of the booty drop — it’s a sight to behold. The music seems to unequivocally take over all body processes.

When you can tear yourself away from this interpretive tambourine dancing and regain a sense of the present, the pipes on this dude are pretty spectacular themselves. His inflections are at times reminiscent of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine’s nasally tones, and are surprisingly Prince-like in moments of falsetto.

The crowd’s constant swaying indicates all is appreciated in the room tonight. When former single Anyway rings out with those jangly keys and progressive beats, there’s a cry of “hell yeah!”. Even throughout the meat of tonight’s set, jam-packed with the currently unfamiliar forthcoming members of their anticipated EP, these witnesses are immersed in what is before them.

When Slum Sociable’s latest single All Night rounds off the night’s showcase, it’s safe to say this gathering has been a booming success. TQ can’t come fast enough.

Slum Sociable’s TQ EP is set for release on 9th October.

Watch: Slum Sociable – All Night

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