Olly Alexander Performs With Years & Years In Sydney, 26.07.15 / Photo: Olivia Hadisaputra

Years & Years, Panama – Sydney, Metro Theatre 26/07/15

“This is just so nuts!” Olly Alexander is perhaps the most adorable rock star in the world. Not only has the kid got a serious set of pipes. He’s got the moves. Like really got the moves. I mean, when layers of clothing start coming off after the first song, it’s always a good sign.

To say the crowd were more than a little excited for Years & Years‘ Sydney Splendour sideshow would be an epic understatement — when doors opened at 8pm the line ran right through to Pitt Street.

As a result, support act Panama played to a sold out Sunday night Metro audience. The Aussie duo’s sweet synth-heavy bliss out beats were the perfect way to wind down a weekend and wind up a crowd. Jarrah McCleary’s vocals were flawless and the heavily syncopated rhythmically driven tracks like Jungle, Strange Feeling, It’s Not Over and Always had the already at capacity dance floor rippling into action.

Years & Years hit the stage lit from beneath. It’s not long before the silhouette of Olly starts cutting shapes through shadows. Take Shelter and Desire get an early run and suddenly, we’ve got a fully blown Sunday night rave on our hands.

His voice is actually insane — hearing that breathy falsetto live is something else. The clarity and control on the slower tracks like Eyes Shut and Memo is damn impressive.

“Is everyone okay? Not too hot out there?” Olly politely enquires before stealing a bottle of water off a security guard and giving himself a good shower. “I feel like I’m in Coyote Ugly up here.” He does a pretty good impression. Then, just when you think things couldn’t get any sexier, boom — he casually drops a cover of Sean Paul’s Breathe and shit gets pretty cray.

They round off the night with Border and Real before returning for an epic encore of King, which officially goes off. It was such a fun set; these guys are honestly the most captivating performers — and boy do they know how to bring the party.

Years & Years perform their final Splendour In The Grass sideshow at Melbourne’s Max Watts on Thursday, 30th July.

Gallery: Years & Years, Panama – Sydney, Metro Theatre 26.07.15 / Photos: Olivia Hadisaputra

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