Issue #18

In this issue: Who Made Who, My Filthy Riot, Sage Francis, Skryptcha, Frenzal Rhomb, Rise Against, The Protectors, Hyrule Mafia, Augie March

What do you call a journalist with delusions of grandeur, turbulent fluctuations in self worth and a terrible hangover? Seriously? I’m so fucked after this weekend I don’t know who I am anymore, aside from someone in great pain with a lot of work to do.

The last few weeks have been a complete blur to me. Loose warehouse parties, My Filthy Riot and The Bacardi Express have all taken their toll on me, jabbing onto my liver like a child poking at a dead hooker they’ve found in their father trunk.

I feel like a leech sucking on the stomach of a diseased cow. But enough about how shit I feel, more about how I got to feel this shit.

Aside from the previous 7 day bender starting with the Abercrombie’s Thursday Blockparty, moving through a warehouse party in Marrickville, Purple Sneakers, My Filthy Riot, Tom Waits Tuesday as well general bouts of alcoholism with no real reason, the sickening cherry on top of this vicious sundae of intoxication was The Bacardi Express.

Possibly the greatest or worst idea in the history of music, piling five bands onto a train with unlimited booze, three bars (in the jamming, chillout and gaming carriages) and a whole crew of musos, roadies, journos, alcohol reps and other degenerates proved to be more than I could take. By the last day even a Bloody Mary that my new bartenders friends so lovingly procured for me couldn’t get rid of the hang over and I spent the whole day struggling through interviews holding my head and stomach in pain. However we all drank responsibly, binging is bad kids and you shouldn’t do it.

Anyway I guess I should probably mention this issue a little bit seeing as though that’s generally what an Editor’s Letter is for. This time round we have WhoMadeWho, Sage Francis, Augie March, Halal, How Are You? Hyrule Mafia, Skryptcha and much more.

We also have photos from My Filthy Riot, Damo Suzuki’s recent performance and local psychedelic krautrock supergroup Fashion Launches, Rocket Launches’ show at Exquisite Corpse.

In the next few issues we’ll be talking to Gareth Liddiard from The Drones about his penchant for watching Rage on acid, catching up with The Basics to get the low-down on their rocking new single who’s name I’ve forgotten, as well as dropping on those perennial inner west funk-masters The Fuji Collective just to name a few, not to mention running our full coverage of The Bacardi Express as well as my interview with Harvey Krumpet director Adam Elliot about his charming new film Mary and Max.

Speaking of Mary & Max I was invited to a preview screening last week, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best film I’ve seen this year. Starring Toni Collette and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the voices of the two main characters, Mr Dame Edna himself Barry Humphries acting as narrator, the film tells the story of a pen friendship between Mary an 8 year old loner from Melbourne and Max a 44 year old obese Jewish Atheist with Aspergers syndrome.

Also keep an eye on the website for our filmed interviews at My Filthy Riot as well as audiofiles of me chatting with Beardyman, Bluejuice and Groove Armada on the train.


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