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1,000 Life-Size Cut-Outs Of Nicki Minaj’s Bum Were Plastered Over A Helsinki Cathedral

Nicki Minaj turned-heads last year when she revealed a racy cover for her already racy single Anaconda and now its been used as a temporary wallpaper for the Helsinki Cathedral.

Not following? Well, to explain, 1,000 cardboard cut-outs of a g-string-wearing Minaj were placed over the Finnish city’s 163-year-old evangelical Lutheran church. Make more sense now?

The move turned out to be a stunt by the city’s urban music festival Summer’s Up, where Minaj will perform next month, but it managed to shock local, tourists and churchgoers alike as they arrived at the church to see the rapper en mass.

On the other hand/cheek, Barbz around the world would have been delighted to discover plenty of buns in the Finnish capital – 2,000 of them to be precise.

Passers-by who decided that they would like a cut-out of Minaj for their own home, (because, why not?), found that there was a 2-day ticket to the festival mounted on the back of 100 of them. So not only do they get to experience her show live at the festival, they also have a lifelong cut-out companion.

Unfortunately all the images have now been removed and the cathedral is once again bun-less. Still there are plenty of photos and videos around of the masterful stunt being performed.

Minaj is yet to respond to the incident but the internet is making up for her silence. Responses ranged from a Reddit user writing that the site is, “Collectively known as a Minajerie,” to Twitter user Morgan Allred writing, “The person who put 1,000 cardboard cut outs of Nicki Minaj at the Helsinki Cathedral in Finland is the person I want to spend my life with.”

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