12 Ways To Spend Your Day Now That Soundwave Isn’t Announcing The Lineup

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

If you’re anything like us, then your experience of waiting for the full Soundwave 2016 lineup to drop probably feels a little something like this:


The “drip feed” has, like a troublesome bout of constipation, kept us glued to our seats as each tiny morsel is broken off and squeezed out, bit by bit. And each new lineup nugget feels like a surefire sign that soon – surely – Soundwave’s full load shall be dumped, creating the big splash that we always knew it would.

But unfortunately, despite assurances that the moment of truth would happen today, Thursday, 15th October, the big unveil has once again been delayed.

Perhaps the has something to do with festival boss AJ Maddah’s ongoing efforts to lock in more monster metal acts for the bill. Then again, there is also a slight possibility that he’s also just sticking it to yours truly.

But we don’t want to give ourselves that much credit.

Either way, AJ says the big lineup announcement is just days away. So instead of just sitting there waiting for the floodgates to open, here’s a handy list of 12 things you can do today, instead.

1. Scream


2. Metal Scream


3. Meticulously Scroll Through All Of AJ’s Tweets And Try To Decipher The Lineup On Your Own

mean girls

4. Log Off Twitter Forever


5. Buy A Plane Ticket To Europe, Where There Are Metal Festivals Basically Every Day


6. Start A Rival Metal Festival In Your Own Backyard

can you quack

7. Take Advantage Of The Nice Weather And Go To The Beach


8. But Go Shopping For A Hat First, Because It’s Important To Be Sun-Safe

papa emeritus

9. Pig Out With Your Friends


10. Brush Your Teeth, Because Nobody Likes A Metalhead With Bad Oral Hygiene

metal teeth

11. Reminisce About The Good Times

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12. Get Excited Again, And Resume The Waiting Position


11 acts have been confirmed so far on the bill for Soundwave 2016: Hatebreed, Devil You Know, Metal Allegiance, Bring Me The Horizon, Northlane, Refused, Failure, Dead Letter Circus, Bullet For My Valentine, Lordi, Moose Blood.

For a rundown of everything we know about next year’s festival as of now, check out our Soundwave 2016: What We Know So Far page.

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