18 Aussie & International Musicians Who Went Hard For Halloween

When you’re a famous muso, you don’t spend your time rifling through bargain bins for your Halloween get-up. You basically pour a crap-tonne of cash into completely making yourself over which, in turn, grabs you some major likes on Instagram (which, afterall, is the currency by which success is measured in 2017).

This year, musicians spared no expense when it came to their Halloween outfits, going all-out to turn themselves from one celebrity into, well, another. And sh*t damn, did they deliver.

While you were getting round in one of those Kmart pizza outfits, Ben Lee channelled his inner Willy Wonka, Chvches’ Lauren Mayberry transformed herself into Wednesday Adams, Usher became Rick James (bitch) and Chance The Rapper absolutely inhabited his Tupac costume.

Check out all the Halloween action from all your fave Aussie & international musos, below.

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