360 Lets Rip At Facebook Stalker

Melbourne hip hop sensation 360’s social network accounts are always abuzz with action. Haters and lovers together seem to frequent his Facebook page. Though today 60 has found himself having to put his foot down with one particular hater who seemed a little more…obsessed than the others.

The person in question seemed a little too excited about the prospect of trolling 60 for it not to be kinda creepy, inviting people to spam the rapper’s page. The guy talks about having to go to different internet cafes all over his town just to get the chance to harrang 60 through Facebook, having his home IP address blocked from the page already.

Sixty is known for fighting back at internet warriors and keyboard ninjas, and before he actually removed the post, he had his say. Inviting ‘Ben’ to meet up next time he’s in Ben’s home town, suggesting that his girlfriend would “Kick The Fuck Outta u and take some cool pics for Instagram”.

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