360, Music Industry Figures Rally To Support Australian Music Manager Rae Harvey After She Lost Her Home In A Fire

Staple of the Australian music industry, and manager of artists including 360, The Living End and Pez, Rae Harvey with partner Sayo have suffered a tragic loss this week with their recently established animal shelter and home burning down just days after they moved in to the property on New South Wales Far South Coast.

The pair planned to move from neighbouring Victoria to further their passion for protecting wildlife and soon began setting up the Wallaby Ridge Wildlife Shelter, focusing on local wallabies and kangaroos. The pair and their cats are in good health, but they have no lost the property and all their possessions.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started to help relief some of the pressure now placed on Rae and Sayo as they get back on their feet. So far, more than $7000 has been raised by friends, family and other figures within the music industry.

Taking to Facebook, 360 made every effort to highlight just how important Harvey’s management has been to his career, explaining “She’s not my manager, she’s family.”

“She’s been there for me through all the bullshit i’ve been through (and put her through) and not once has she not had my back,” he wrote. “Through my YEARS of being an out of control addict who wouldn’t listen to anyone and just did whatever i wanted, she never EVER turned her back on me.

“2 beautiful people that do so much to help others have just been hit with one of the worst tragedies imaginable. She would never ask anyone for help but this gofundme was started to help them get back on their feet. They desperately need money because they’ve lost EVERYTHING so if you’ve got anything you could spare, any help counts.”

If there’s a chance you’ve enjoyed releases or tours from 360, Pez, The Living End and others, or if you appreciate the hard work of animal shelters, now is your chance to give back.

For more information or to donate, check out the GoFundMe page here.

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