360’s Fiancée Crystal Makes Touching Anti-Suicide Video

360 has become a strong supporter of suicide prevention in recent times – posting several videos and detailed statuses on his Facebook page to raise awareness of the issue.

One of the main reasons behind his passion for the issue has been the harrowing experiences his fiancée Crystal has gone through, with a number of her friends attempting (and some successfully committing) suicide.

And last night, the rapper posted a raw 14-minute video from Crystal – who shared these personal experiences and the hurt and pain the situation has caused her.

Constantly weeping throughout the video, Crystal’s account is extremely touching and eye-opening.  She revealed she’s been taking anti-depressants and encouraged those who are currently taking them to not feel bad about doing so – as she sees it as “a sign of strength that you want to do something with your life and get better”.

She also informed us about how she moved away from her hometown of Brisbane not just to support ‘Six’, but because she felt the city was “too sad” and “not a good environment for me to live in.”

Crystal also credited her Fiance for helping her getting through the tough times.  “He has made everything 100x better, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if I didn’t have him, he shows me that no matter what, things will always get better,” she said.

“And even though right now I don’t believe that, I have to… that’s all I’m holding on to right now, but it’s better than not holding on to anything,” she said.

Like her fiancée’s appeal earlier this year (which has clocked up over 600,000 views on YouTube), Crystal made the video as a way of raising awareness of the issue and encouraging those who are considering suicide to hold on.

She mentioned that her and 360 “always get contacted” by people who have been bullied, mentioning they want to commit suicide and “that nobody loves them and they don’t want to live any more.”

And, most significantly, as revealed at the 11.50 mark, Crystal filmed the video after finding out that morning that another one of her friends had committed suicide.  Talk about bravery.

“I just want to help people because I don’t want people to feel like this,” she says.

“I want to stop people from going through this pain…. and there are other ways to deal with this, suicide is not the answer.”

“I’m just Crystal, and I want to help anyone who is upset.”

Following up on saying how he was “proud of the wifey” for her clip, 360 also went on to post another lengthy status yesterday slamming those who used social media to cyber-bully others.  Check out that status here.

Watch Crystal’s video below – We’ve also included 360’s original video if you would like to check out his take on the situation.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit www.lifeline.org.au.  You can also find plenty of other resources at the Beyond Blue and Headspace websites.

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