Some Absolute POS Is Selling Chester Bennington Funeral Memorabilia Online For $65K

UPDATE: eBay has confirmed to Music Feeds that, upon being notified of the offensive items, they have removed them from sale. Nice work eBay!

ORIGINAL STORY: Some human skidmark is attempting to cash-in on the death of Chester Bennington by hocking items from the Linkin Park frontman’s funeral online.

As Rockfeed reports, so-called ‘memorial packages’ — including an official wrist band, laminate and programme from Chester’s funeral — have emerged on American eBay and at the time of writing, a bidding war has seen the price tag of one item skyrocket higher than US$50K (that’s around AUD$65K).

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Image Via Kerrang!

It’s unclear who’s responsible for this gross profiteering but the items do appear to be legit, which TBH makes the whole thing even more disturbing. The seller, who by default must be someone who was actually invited to attend Chester’s funeral, claims that he or she hopes the items will “find a great home with someone that will understand the meaning of them”.

Fans are naturally condemning the move, with Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael posting an image of the items along with the caption “Un. Fucking. Believable”.

Chester’s Linkin Park bandmate Mike Shinoda has also urged fans to stay away from non-official Chester merch being hocked by “scumbag bootleggers & opportunists”, so this would definitely fall into that basket.

Chester Bennington, who died tragically at the age of 41, was laid to rest recently at a private funeral service earlier this week, and fans in Brisbane and Perth are invited to gather and pay their respects to the man whose music changed so many lives at Linkin Park-endorsed memorials this coming weekend.

Meanwhile, many different artists from across the music world have paid tribute to Chester by covering Linkin Park songs, including Machine Gun KellySylarStone SourKornPeriphery, From First To Last and, most recently and remarkably, Coldplay.

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