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Agung Mango Drops Explosive New Single ‘Little Bum’

Melbourne’s Agung Mango has built his career on not pushing the boundaries, but obliterating them, and now he’s back to do it again with new single ‘Little Bum’.

The song’s monstrous beat thumps right from the beginning, with his delivery switching from searing and ferocious to stalking and ominous.

‘Little Bum’ is Mango’s second track released in 2020 thus far, following the equally as brash ‘Rodent’.

“‘Little Bum’ tells the story of a young, aspiring artist who’s beginning to reap the rewards of his hard work,” Mango said of the track in a press statement.

“Whilst he’s on a steady journey to success, he finds himself still having to prove to his parents that the career path he’s chosen can provide him with stability and security.”

Listen to ‘Little Bum’ below.

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