Aimeé Nash from the Black Ryder Features on B.R.M.C Song on Twilight ‘New Moon’ Soundtrack

As of yesterday, the duo posted their haunting track & accompanying short film for ‘Sweet Come Down’ online. The film was directed by acclaimed director Michael Spiccia, and was shot by cinematographer Stefan Duscio who has worked closely with Spiccia on various projects.

More film than a video clip, the short, featuring the Black Ryder, takes place at the aftermath of a strange and unknown tragedy. Shot entirely as one continuous take, we move through the scene as a silent witness, its calamity unveiling itself before us as we track along, guided by the footsteps of an anonymous and lone figure. Shot in the wilds of south west NSW, the landscape is at once foreboding and dissonantly beautiful, a quiet menacing presence underpinning the tragedy of what had happened only minutes before.

‘Sweet Come Down’ has proven to be a favourite amongst many fans of The Black Ryder and features Peter Hayes (B.R.M.C) on harmonica, with vocals by both Aimeé Nash & Scott Von Ryper. This tantalising story features the band in a moving piece, and also includes main stayers in The Black Ryder, Miss Jules Ferrari & Archi Read.

In addition to working on their own release, The Black Ryder’s Aimeé Nash features on the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club track “Done all Wrong”, which appears on the “Twilight – New Moon” soundtrack. The track features Aimeé on vocals alongside Peter Hayes, making Aimeé the only Australian artist featured on the worldwide soundtrack release.

The Black Ryder’s debut album ‘Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride’ is released on 6th November 2009 through The Anti Machine-Machine / EMI Music Australia. They will be headlining their one and only show for the end of the year in support of a special night of music presented by & in Melbourne. There will be a limited run of a one-off print edition of Drone Magazine on offer on the night. Details as follows:

Thursday 19th November 2009 @ The Tote Bar (Melbourne)


THE BLACK RYDER + Killed Two Birds + Slight of Build + Dreaming of Ghosts

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