AJ Maddah Addresses Harvest Concerns, Acts To Play Big Day Out?

UPDATE: Harvest Festival 2013 has been officially cancelled. More details here.

Soundwave Festival promoter AJ Maddah has had a busy day, with news of his purchase of Big Day Out promoter Ken West‘s stake in the iconic music festival. However Australia’s “most powerful music figure” took time out to clear things up regarding his other project, the ailing Harvest Festival.

It was recently announced that the boutique event was a sitting duck for cancellation, following poor ticket sales and what was described as a general “lack of interest.” Maddah took to his beloved Twitter account to confirm the festival’s possible cancellation, saying that the festival has no external debt and as such it was at risk of folding rather than collapsing.

Maddah assured fans that he would manage the fallout of a Harvest cancellation, most likely bringing the bands over to Soundwave or organising headline tours. Harvest band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club confirmed the cancellation of the event on their Facebook page, assuring fans that they would still be visiting Down Under.

Now Maddah has once again taken to Twitter to clear up a few things regarding Harvest. Maddah stated that the likelihood of the festival’s cancellation is an unfortunate “99%”, but insisted that he is “desperately trying to seek the best outcome for everyone.”

Maddah took the time to assure any punters who have already purchased Harvest tickets, that they will be “refunded 100%” for the price of purchase as well as “all charges.” Maddah also stated that he was currently trying to figure out a “preferential ticketing system” for those punters already holding tickets, that would allow them to get “first shot” at headline shows.

The touring mogul expressed some hope for keeping the Melbourne leg of the event, though wasn’t optimistic, tweeting “I have been desperately trying to maybe salvage Melbourne but it does not look like it can stand up by itself.”

UPDATE: Reports have started coming in about the fate of the bands slated to play the now-cancelled festival, with fans having already received confirmation for headline shows from Neutral Milk Hotel and Desparecidos.

Maddah has hinted at the possibility of some Harvest bands joining the Big Day Out lineup, stating “We’re still trying to figure out what to do w CSS. Am going to ask Ken if he will have them join BDO.” There is also speculation that alt-rock outfit Eels may join Brazilians CSS in jumping ship to BDO.

Black Rebel Motorcycle club confirmed via their Facebook page that while the event has been cancelled, they were still making the trip Down Under. While Primus and Mutemath remain as Soundwave prospects, with the announcement of which bands made the leap to Soundwave 2014 expected some time early to mid October.

Maddah confirmed via Twitter that Desaparecidos would be making the trip over and was optimistic about singer-songwriter M Ward.

Australian appearances by Massive Attack, Volcano Choir and others remain in negotiation.

UPDATE 17/09/13: Maddah has today confirmed that Massive Attack will not be touring Australian in the wake of Harvest’s cancellation. Eels are now looking likely for a headline tour in November.

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