AJ Maddah Teases Two “Great” Upcoming Tours “For Soundwave Fans”

With summer closing in, Soundwave fans are no doubt feeling the sting of yet another year without thei beloved heavy music mega-fest to get pumped for. But here’s some good news: it looks like at least some of that sting will be soothed with not one, but two impending tour announcements, according to your old m8 AJ Maddah.

According to the former puppet master of the Australia’s favourite metal festivus, these impending tour announcements will directly appeal to “Soundwave fans” and will be dropping over the next couple of weeks via your friendly local heavy music promoter, Destroy All Lines.

But in the meantime, Maddah is dropping a few breadcrumbs. We already know that both announcements won’t be straight-up metal acts. More specifically, it won’t be Soulfly or Slayer. Judging by the volley of tweets sent his way, Sum 41 appear to be the people’s choice.

The 10-year Messenger Anniversary tour by August Burns Red could also be a possibility, while Soundwave 2015 act Twin Atlantic previously teased imminent plans to tour Australia to Music Feeds, making them another hot pick.

Maddah has been looking into his crystal ball with more and more success lately, predicting the arrival of Slipknot and the announcement of Underoath‘s latest Australian tour. Earlier in the week, he also foretold Metallica’s return to Aus next year, so we’ll be keeping our devil horns crossed that one also comes to fruition.

But for now, it’s time to play the waiting game. Catch AJ’s latest tweets, below.


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